Pixie goes to a barrel race

Kendyll taking the final ride out of the arena on Pixie with Sarah leading and Lauren alongside.

Kendyll taking the final ride out of the arena on Pixie with Sarah leading and Lauren alongside.

It was a fast and furious start to the weekend as we headed out with the empty horse trailer this morning.

It has been six weeks  since German Riding pony, Pixie, went off to trainer Sarah Sumrall for some basic training.   We were eager to see how she was doing.  But to complicate life a bit, Ally was signed up as a volunteer for Jordyn’s school fund-raiser.  Luke and Jordyn were signed up for a fishing tournament.  Baby Kendyll had no one to watch her.

It is a three-hour round trip from our farm to Sarah’s.  We picked up Kendyll and her car seat, iPad for Mickey movies, multiple cups of juices, snacks, diapers and a couple of bags of assorted stuff.

The weather was ominous, with banks of dark clouds following us as we drove criss-cross Houston.  The rain was pouring down as we pushed through Rosenberg but the sun broke through again as we made it to Sarah’s.  Kendyll watched some Mickey Mouse Club House.  We played a fun game where she coughed, then I coughed, several times.  She is very cute!

Sarah rode Pixie for us and what was a halting, evading pony, who had never cantered for us, was now a smooth, mature pony with three lovely gaits.  I wanted to cry when I first saw the little roan pony break into a lovely, flat kneed canter that would be the envy of the hunter ring.  Sarah reversed directions.  Pixie picked up the correct lead without issue and cantered several nice circles.  Pixie had learned to back and halt quietly.  Quite impressive accomplishments for a pony I had trouble moving from a walk to a trot.

Pixie loaded easily into the trailer and we headed to a barrel race!  Sarah is an outstanding, top barrel racer with a great reputation in Houston.  I idly suggested taking Pixie out of the trailer when we got to the fairgrounds and put a sign around her neck saying “Pony For Sale!  45 Days Professional training by Sarah”.  I could have probably sold her in ten minutes flat.  But we were at the fairgrounds to see a truck we had found for sale on Facebook.

We had been looking for a new truck.  We have a Chevy 1500 with a small V-8 engine.  A friend posted an ad for a Chevy 2500 with a diesel engine.  It is an older truck than mine but has fewer miles.  Lauren and I are very excited about owning it. All the details should be worked out next week. It is such a nice truck and will allow us to pull the weight of 1500 pound Bruno, 1200 pound Feather and 1100 pound Mickey all it once.  Right now, it is strictly one at a time in the trailer.

The new "older" truck!

The new “older” truck!

I had told my friend at work that I had bought a truck online.  She laughed at me and said,”you bought a truck on eBay!”  No, I told her, I bought one on Facebook!

Busy morning, with horses, grand kids and a new truck to come!  The rains followed us on home but the accomplishments of the day were not tarnished.

Thanks for riding along and huge thanks to Sarah for doing such a great job on my pony.

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