I have four grandchildren. In September, Jordyn will be six and Riley will be four. And in July, Lexi will be two and baby Kendyll will turn one. They are all similar yet different. Each, even baby Kendyll, has their own personality.

Riley, no doubt driven by some Disney cue, wanted to find a secret beach. I mean, who hasn’t? Yesterday, Amber and Ryan made his little dream come true by driving down past all the big resorts to a secluded quiet beach. They all snorkel dived (as Riley called it). There was quite a variety of fish to be seen. Back at our condo, aunt Ally asked Riley what he had seen while snorkeling. Riley was not saying a word! He had been on a secret beach and you can’t tell what you see on the secret beach!


The other night as we were enjoying Jo Etta’s chicken spaghetti we went around the table to say what we had liked most about the trip so far. Riley quickly picked up the narrator duties from me. He asked each person around the table, by name, “Cindy, what did you like best?” And so on, down the line, perfectly at ease.


Jordyn, you have all heard
about before. Sometimes being the oldest is awesome. Other times it is just a lot of additional responsibility. For the most part, Jordyn wears it well. She has become more comfortable in the water during this trip and snorkeled like a champ today.


Lexington is smart. I feel like I can see the wheels turning in her head. She processes all you say. Lexi is mischievous and like her momma before her a little bit of an Irish sprite. There is a bit of the leprechaun in her. I find it funny that she challenges her momma so much. What do they say about payback? Watch out for this one-she may rule the world one day.



Kendyll reminds me of endless summer days and quiet blue seas. We have hauled her on snorkeling trips, to late night luaus and hot car rides. Although her eye is always on her mom, she accepts the rest of us easily as well. I have been totally charmed by her sweet nature. That she will be a beauty like her sister is without a doubt.


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