Last night we went to a Hawaiian Luau. My sister and I used to save our allowance money all year so we could pay for a babysitter so that we would NOT have to go to the Hawaiian Luau. I guess our youthful negativity was focused on what my sister and I perceived as a long, boring adult night.

As a group, we had reserved the Luau months ago. All were expected to enjoy the evening. As we got closer and closer to Luau time, I started experiencing angst. I did not want to go. I do not know if all the years that Betty and I had spent revolting against the luau was effecting my judgement. I almost did not attend.

The 12 of us were in our Hawaiian finest, dresses or aloha shirts. It was sunset, along the Pacific, with the people I love most in life. We were greeted with orchid leis, Mai Tais (a strong island rum drink) and a huge buffet of fresh foods.

So much was going on. While we ate, there were wood carvers, hula dancers and Hawaiian songs.
We saw people moving toward the volcanic rocks. Riley, Ryan and Luke went to check out the excitement. Huge sea turtles were swimming in the rocks right next to the seawall.

Quickly, we progressed into the night’s program. The usual hula stuff, beautiful dancing girls, men (not so beautiful) dancing with the lawn torches, a special dance which included Jordyn and Riley on stage and lots of drums. I would like to point that while the dancing hula girls were fit and lovely, all but one of the men, were not in anyway set to be called for second auditions for “Magic Mike”.


And the male dancer had a whale tail (am not clear if the rest of the whale existed or not) dipping below his male diaper sarong thing. It was a little disconcerting to see his whale tail disappearing down toward his bingo. And the lead female dancer was sporting some crazy bra top that had no back or straps, yet never moved on her chest no matter how hard she shook her hula skirted bottom. Perhaps it is actually sown to her chest. Believe me we cannot rule that out.


Yes, it ended up being a delightful night with great entertainment. I wish my sister, dad and mom would have been here to share it with me.


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