Vacation Day Two

Day two dawned early with the five hour time change. I saw texts from Amber at 4:23 am and Lauren at 4:27 am. Both girls, wanted to know if I was awake. There is a five hour time difference from Houston. By 4:30 Hawaii time, it was already 9:30 at home. Pretty tough to keep the kids asleep that long.

We were all at Denny’s facing the ocean before 6:30. Somehow, Denny’s in Maui beat Denny’s in Wharton by a long shot. I have never traveled with such a big group before. Between high chairs, booster seats and 12 of us going anywhere took on the logistics of a moon landing. We needed three cars and cell phone coordination to travel to the simplest destination. Factor in, different ages, different tastes (did we want Mexican food, Sushi, a quick hamburger??) and different expectations and it all got pretty complicated.

We headed last night to Lahiana, the original whaling capital of Maui. We ate at Cheeseburgers in Paradise with a view across the seaport. It was a beautiful spot-completely paradise. By the end of dinner, Jordyn clearly wasn’t feeling well. We got in a few photo ops and headed home. Jo’s temp was almost 103 degrees. She is my roommate. I would worriedly awaken and gently touch her skin. The fever, thankfully, broke around 4:00 am. She is better today.
This picture of Kendyll shows her hanging out at dinner.


When I was a child, traveling with my family, we tended to go the same places each year. When we got to Honolulu or Colorado, we settled in and spent beach time or ranch time. My dad was not interested in sight-seeing. As the families scrambled around today to book excursions para-sailing, snorkeling and helicopter touring I was surprised. Maybe it was the multiple cruises we have taken that is forcing the idea of an activity a day. Or maybe, I am just stuck in my ways and old. I do not want to go fly from a kite high above the ocean or plummet down a zip line through a jungle. My daily life of surviving the Houston freeways, attempting not be stampeded by horses or thrown through a fence have nixed my willingness to want ANY adrenaline rush on my vacation.

I am very happy and content to watch the waves break on the sand and the sun drip down to the horizon. Aloha and thanks for riding along!


Riley and a much happier Jordyn on our early morning beach walk today. I love this photo.

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