Vacation ending

All good things must come to an end. When we planned this trip, so long ago, I wanted to go back to the condos my family had stayed in so many times in the past. The first time Dave and I had come to Hawaii with Amber at 15 months of age, it had been to these condos. We had made many trips here in the interim. We came with friends, Gene and Judy, a few years later. Jim and my mom spent their honeymoon here. But it has been at least ten years since any of the family have come here.

Really? What was I thinking? Apparently, my son-in-law Ryan, had expressed some concern about going back to the place I had vacationed at 20 years ago. But in this case, granny actually did something right. Although, I may well have gotten caught up in a dream of wanting to take my kids back to a place I remembered so fondly, thankfully, this time it all worked out okay. Years ago, we had always rented the condo from a United Airlines captain. I wanted (of course) to stay in the same units I remembered but I could not locate the people. We rented through Maui rentals. I was convinced when I reserved the last three units on the sixth floor that we would be over the ocean as I had been in the past.

When we arrived, and exited off the elevator, I was devastated to see that instead of my three units nearest the ocean, we were actually the three units furthest from the water. No wonder they were available! Geez!

But in terms of bucket list stuff (wanting to go with whole family to Hawaii) and going back to my old haunts, this has worked out pretty wonderfully! Sure we had our moments of discord, but that’s what happens with families. Plus, Lauren’s boyfriend Blake and his mom, are truly family having survived two Davis vacations now. A popular sight-seeing trip here is to make the 100 mile round trip drive, with hundreds of turns and narrow roads to Hana. T-shirts abound saying “I survived the road to Hana”. Well, Blake and Jo Etta survived the Davis family vacation. We all did.

Tomorrow we will make the nine hour flight back to Houston not arriving until Sunday morning. We all agreed it has been a fabulous time. Maui will remain in my mind, with updated images joining the ones of old.


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