Papa Rick taking care of Kendyll's breathing treatment.  On top of Ally's broken arm, Ken has bronchitis!  Rick can handle it-he was a Marine!

Papa Rick taking care of Kendyll’s breathing treatment. On top of Ally’s broken arm, Ken has bronchitis! Rick can handle it-he was a Marine!

As the weekend is upon us again, so quickly after the short work week, I want to provide a few updates.  First, a huge thank you to Luke, his mom, Dodie, and his dad, Rick who spent this entire week taking care of my daughter Ally.  I do not know how she would have made it through this first ‘broken arm’ week without their love, support and 24-hour a day help.

Last night at the graduation, both in-laws appeared a little worn.  Taking care of a household, two children, dogs and chores will do that to you.  Lauren and I cared for Kendyll and Jo last weekend and were wiped out.  Rick told me he doesn’t know how Ally does it.  I think it is important for all of us to reflect on another’s life from time to time.  A lot of us, me included, have done the days with small children, jobs, animals and busy lives, but we do forget the constant intensity of it all.  If I choose to not do some chore at the barn tonight, I can do so.  I can come in early and read a great book.  With children, little ones especially, that is not a choice.

The advent of working parents, day care,  and sick kids is not new.  My ex-husband and I struggled with the ‘who stays home with the sick kid today’.  I think it has only gotten worse as clearly most homes rely on two incomes to function.  Ally clearly relies on two arms to function, especially with a baby.  It is all so hard. My daughter Amber’s family has had one illness after another and has no family to call upon in Denver.  I worry that one day, Amber will just collapse under the weight of sleeplessness and responsibilities.

A lot of us grandparents, are happy, eager even, to step in for an overnight visit or a long weekend, but when the days pass on and you are responsible for the full-time care of your grandchildren, it is much more difficult to not want to go home and curl up in your bed.

So, tonight, big thanks to Rick and Dodie who put their lives on hold to run my daughter’s life and care for my grandchildren.  Tomorrow Ally and kids will be here and Rick and Dodie will get some much deserved time off.

Families-we are so lucky to have the thoughtful and caring members that we do.  May God bless you and keep you (and heal Ally’s arm!).

2 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. Walking the mile in someone else’s shoes does tend to set things right, doesn’t it? Whether you’re helping friends or family when circumstances require or you’re just trying to get through your OWN day, taking a step (literal or figurative) back and pondering is often a very good thing.

  2. Papa Rick administers the breathing treatments same as my husband,Tom, does to his grandchildren. The similarities must be that they are both grandpas and former Marines. Semper Fi.

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