Weekend Roundup

Lauren and Feather had a horse show on Saturday.  Typically, jumpers go first so it was decided to move Feather back to the jumper ring and move her up in height so she would be tackling the 2’9-3 foot jumps for the first time.  Ally was coming down to stay with the kids so Rick and Dodie could have a break and also so they would be here for mom’s 89th birthday party.

Not clear as to why, but the schedule got reversed at the horse show and suddenly we were waiting most of Saturday to ride.  As it got later and later, we made the decision to stay in the lower division of jumpers as it would go first and we could get home to Ally.

Feather working her way through the course.

Feather working her way through the course.

It turned out to be a good decision, Feather was jumping very well.  She would have been fine at the higher height but I think Lauren was more confident going in at her usual height.  All their rounds were clean, under the allowed time and she placed better each round.  There were 12 or so horses and she picked up a sixth, fifth and fourth without any push on the speed.  Dev told them their last round was the best they have ever ridden.  It was nice.  While waiting for our rounds, we met up with the owner of Feather’s same age, half-sister.  It was great to see the two mares together, both from the stallion, Flagmount’s Freedom.  The sister, Flagmount’s Mischief owned by Robbie Peterson, had been started earlier than Feather  and has come further than Feather.  They ended up tying for Grand Champion of their Open Jumper division and I know Robbie was there working on precision not speed.

Lauren on Flagmount's Irish Freedom and Robbie with Flagmount's Mischief

Lauren on Flagmount’s Irish Freedom and Robbie with Flagmount’s Mischief

It was a busy evening, getting Ally and the girls settled, the horses done and chores finished.  I stayed with baby Kendyll as they all went to town for ice cream.

This morning, we got going early cooking and fixing things up for mom’s 139th birthday (really her 89th).  I appreciate all of you that sent cards and suspect she may have a few more before her actual birthday on Tuesday.  She was so happy to hear from everyone and was humbled that so many cared to send cards!

Momma's many cards, flowers and gifts!

Momma’s many cards, flowers and gifts!

I think she had a great celebration and the only downside is that she asked for Jim over and over.  We told her he just wasn’t feeling up to making the party today but loved her and had sent a card.

mommShe loved her new clothes and couldn’t wait to try them on.

Ally went with Lauren to take her home.  We had quite a rain and I wanted to get the horses back out.  I carried Kendyll to the barn in my good arm with Jordyn along to help out.  I quickly gave up holding Ken and getting the horses.  I sat Kendyll down in the sand and quickly got the horses turned out.  In that short moment of time, Kendyll and Jordyn got covered in sand.  In their hair, mouth, and all over.  So, what is a grandma to do?

tThe girls in the farmhouse sink.

The girls in the farmhouse sink.

What else, stick them in the sink!

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