Jordyn Grace Taylor at her kindergarten graduation

Jordyn Grace Taylor at her kindergarten graduation

Ally Davis Taylor's kindergarten graduation

Ally Davis Taylor’s kindergarten graduation

Last night was Jordyn’s kindergarten graduation. I rummaged around and found her mother’s kindergarten graduation picture.  While there are similarities between mother and daughter (like the dark hair and eyes) they are also individual beauties as well (spoken like a true mother and grandmother, huh?).

I had to give some serious thought to what exactly they were accomplishing in their graduation from kindergarten.  In high school, subsequently in college and beyond there is a set curriculum of study.  You become a math major or an accountant, you don’t just play with clay.  But as I thought about it, I was surprised with the amount of things that actually are accomplished in those early years before formal education really starts in first grade.  The major building blocks of education and life are started.  Obviously, someone else has already thought out the ‘everything I needed to know I learned in kindergarten’ thing. But it is so true.  Jordyn and Ally before her, learned to count, the alphabet, colors, shapes, basic communication and how to relate to others.

When you stop to think of it that way, kindergarten graduation is really quite a thing to celebrate. I suspect there are very few children (hopefully) in the US that don’t make it at least as kindergarten graduates.  It is not an elite group but an important milestone for every child.

Jordyn’s school got started late with the ceremony and included an hour-long school play before we got to the actual graduation. I am ashamed to say I made Lauren leave with me before Jordyn crossed the stage to receive her diploma.  My excuse was the long drive, the late hour, the horses were still out in the dark and I had work early this morning.  Still, I should have stayed.  Thankfully, Jordyn is blessed that both her parents and other set of grandparents stayed to cheer her on.  In fact, I don’t think she probably missed me.

It is yet another step in the path of our family and our life.  And I know, just like her momma before her, Jordyn was excel at school and studies.  An exciting future awaits our little graduate.

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