Getting back in the groove

Bruno and Mick meeting over the fence.

Bruno and Mick meeting over the fence.

This will be the first full week that I have been at work since March.  Wow.  It has been hard getting back to my schedule of feeding animals at 4:00, getting off to work by 5:00 am and not home again until 5:00 pm.  I am still in my sling from my shoulder surgery and not sleeping as well as I should.

I am completely tired as I end another day.  But feel that I am getting back into the groove of things.  I am awaking on time, getting through the commute and making it through the day at work without too much trouble until about 1:30 or so, when pain and fatigue start catching up with me. After work, I do my physical therapy so that is a painful way to end my day.  But I can tell that my shoulder is improving, my range of motion is greater and the serious pain is behind me.

I am happy to be getting back in a regular routine with my mom as well.  I have missed seeing all my nursing home friends.  When I don’t take her to dinner I don’t get to visit with the residents and catch up on all that is happening there.

Last night I got there to find my mom standing at the doorway to her room.  She had lipstick applied brightly and her hair combed.  She didn’t even hug me (which no matter how many times I remind her and she sees the big black sling on my body she wants to hug me by forcefully patting my sore shoulder). She eagerly told me she had been chosen to be “in the show” and that they would be coming to get her any minute so she could not sit down and visit with me.  The home has various activities and I thought this was some new deal they had going on and I was excited that she was so interested in participating.

I tried to get more details.  She told me that they had been practicing all day and it was almost show time! I went back to the front desk to get all the information on this extravaganza.  Well, Wanda at the desk, knew nothing about the show.  Apparently, it was yet another of my mother’s flight of fancy.  Wanda went back to the room with me to explain there would be no show today.  Mom quizzed on her on why they hadn’t called her to inform her the show was postponed.  Well, they just wanted to make one call to let everyone know so they called me, Wanda told her.

I just want to point out (in case anyone has tried to call her) that we disconnected and removed her phone some time ago. The telemarketers confused and frightened her.  This does not stop her from telling me she has just had this person or that person call and talk to her.  She talks to Jim most every day.  (But not really!)

I got momma back in her room, sitting down.  She told me she was relieved that she was not going to have to perform.  She just wasn’t sure if she would be able to do all the dance steps.  I told her I had talked to Jim’s family in Denver and they were planning a Taco dinner for his birthday this weekend.  She immediately told me, “I don’t eat Tacos-they know that!”  I told her I would let them know.  I am unclear if she thinks she is in Colorado or Texas.  I guess it is good that she just thinks she is still closely connected to everyone.  We picked out a birthday card from her to Jim and got it in the mail.  He will be 96!

At lunch today, I took Lauren’s saddle with the broken tree to Charlotte’s Saddlery.  Last week, when it broke and we were hours from the horse show beginning, Suzanne had helped us find a new saddle that fit Feather and Lauren well.  She saved us when we needed help and now was going to help us get the old saddle back to its maker.  Hopefully, Marcel Toulouse will stand behind his guarantee and a new saddle will be sent back to us.  I am very pleased with the help and service we received at Charlotte’s!

The new pony, Pixie, got kicked in the neck by Feather (we are assuming this as Mickey is pleased as punch with his new addition of female companionship).  She is okay and is quickly learning the feeding/turn-out schedule in this new place.  She has been first to the gate the last two mornings for breakfast.  I think she will be a good fit for us.

Bruno has now graduated from the little paddock and arena to the first pasture.  It is bigger with more room to run and more grass to eat.  We are hoping that soon (after our visit to TAMU on the 28th) Bruno will be fully released to return to work under saddle and have full daily turn-out.  It will take a week or so to get the horses all going out at the same time but in separate pastures.  I suspect Bruno is going to be looking longingly over the fence at Mickey’s little band of mares.  I also suspect there could be some fighting between the boys (Mick and Bru) over the fence line as well.  I am just hoping Bruno doesn’t decide to just jump the fence as he did when he first came to our farm.  He wanted to visit Feather and just flat-footed it over the four-foot gate to get to Feather on the other side. At least we learned he has some jump  in him.  One step at a time, that’s all we can do!

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