One year

11111A year ago I had lunch with my friend, Sandra. While we both live the corporate life, she’s quite an artist, photographer and writer. And I, from my days of journalism school, have enjoyed writing as well. We discussed me wanting to start a blog. Sandra warned me it was a big commitment, she told me that I would need to write at least five blogs a week to have regular followers.
I decided to give it a shot. That was a year ago! We have been down a lot of roads since then.

I never imagined I would have a horse named Bruno or so many people cheering him on. It has been a good year. I thank you for wanting to know what is going on at Six Meadow Farm.

Today, as usual, after months of waiting, the guys showed up, unannounced and unanticipated, to finally put the extension on my barn roof. The extension will help to keep the barn in the shade as the temperatures start their steady climb toward summer. I have known Bruno could not stay in his stall while the work was underway. The metal must be welded to the existing roof and the new roof configured. I had worked with Dev to move Bruno there when the construction started. But I didn’t expect it today. It is a long haul to Dev’s and I have only been in the car once since surgery. It did not sound like an enjoyable trip with my shoulder still so painful.

Lauren was at school. The men were already digging holes. I called my local vet who had large treatment stalls for their hospitalized patients. Just like that, problem solved! Bruno could hang out at Wharton Vet for a few days. Wow-that was easy. Feather and Mick could be in the pasture during work hours and in their stalls at night.

I called the office manager back at the vet. “Could my old, gelding Kid come, too?” That way I wouldn’t have to worry about him in the pasture dealing with Feather and Mickey. Bruno would stay quiet and content. “In the same stall?”, she asked. Lord,no! Just side by side keeping each other company.

Issue Over-Lauren and I will move the two best-friends to the vet. I will finally get my roof done. Kid and Bruno will have a little vacation. We will even be able (or should I say Lauren will be able) to re-set the stall mats and straighten out/clean Bruno’s stall. One hundred days constant use on a stall is tough.

I am struggling with my sore shoulder, tapping out letters one by one. Somehow, this surgery has hit me harder than the last. But a new year of blog adventures is ahead of us. I will continue to report in! Thanks for riding along.


7 thoughts on “One year

  1. My gelding “Huey” got to spend a couple of days at “Uncle Ron’s Salon and Day Spa” last year–Uncle Ron being his veterinarian and the “Salon and Day Spa” being where he stalls horses that are waiting for or recuperating from various procedures. The best place in the world to be–or so Huey thinks.

    Keeping up with the blog will keep your mind off your shoulder–and it will heal nicely, I bet. I’m glad I found your blog! Keep writing!!

  2. Wow, you are one resilient lady! Hopefully, each day you will feel better as you juggle all of your responsibilities. Sounds like Lauren is a very ambitious & dependable hard worker. How fortunate you are to have her there. Be patient and take care.

  3. And ‘Voila’, a wave of your magic wand and all is right in your world [at least for awhile anyway 😊]. Love your boy Bruno – so handsome. Haven’t commented before but really do enjoy your life chapters, especially because I’m also dealing with a mother suffering with dementia. Some solace in knowing other ‘children’ are where I am. These are some of the most stressful days of my life and you have my best wishes. Vicki ~

  4. I love the blog and have read each one, sends me back to the days with my dad and the horses. I know the rotator cuff is a tough surgery, the things you can’t do are many. I thought that was one of the most difficult surgeries I’ve had. Take it easy. Even though I rarely comment, I’m with you every day and I love Bruno!!!

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