Back to the world

Easter Egg aftermath.

Easter Egg aftermath.

I feel like I have been lost to the world for the last several days.  We had a great Easter on Sunday with my mom, Ally, her kids, Lauren and I.  Mom seemed more aware and enjoyed the day.  Jordyn was playing music and dancing. Mom was tapping her foot and clapping along.  It was very cute.  And it made me happy that she was so engaged with all of us.

Amber, Lexi and Riley got in early on Monday.  The Easter Bunny had hidden lots of eggs in the yard and they all had a ball running, playing and shrieking over the finding of the eggs. We enjoyed the afternoon and it was soon time for Lauren, Kona and I to head off to obedience class.  Amber and family spent the night with Ally.

Tuesday we were at the hospital by 5:45.   Amber was with me as I was prepped for surgery.  The surgeon found the tear in the rotator cuff and several bone spurs that were removed.  I went home with a nerve block and pain pump.  Tuesday was a lost day for me.  I awakened around midnight and the nerve block was gone.  Apparently I had pulled the line or loosened the connection.  The fluid was leaking out of the line in my neck and down my shirt.

Wednesday, Amber was attempting to put the line back together when the anesthesiologist called.  Amber was able to reconnect the line with the help from the hospital.  It was great.  Much better with the pump running.

Honestly, I don’t have a lot of details of the last few days.  Just know my family was close, the kids were playing, and I was being taken care of well.

Lauren got out to ride last night after a couple of days of rain.  I didn’t watch but she snapped a  great shot of the sun dropping in the evening sky.  feath sun

I got out for the first time today.  I went to see my mom.  Took the obligatory trip to Wal-Mart  and  I am ready to settle in again for a while.  Thank you to all of you that sent messages of support and prayers!  I have a wonderful group of family and followers.  I am grateful.

2 thoughts on “Back to the world

  1. I am so glad your surgery went well (torn rotator cuffs and bones spurs are a familiar landscape around MY house, too) and that the pain pump was restored with your competent helpers. I didn’t have a pain pump–I had a nerve block that I was SURE had not worked (because I could still “feel” my fingers) but 24 hours after surgery, it was like “the hammer fell”–right on my surgical site. And I knew the block HAD worked. Yike!

    Get well soon!! Weather is getting nice and you need to be through your physical therapy and back on the horse trail!!

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