A Cool Front

Momma after she had her hair done today.  She wanted to send a picture to Jim.

Momma after she had her hair done today. She wanted to send a picture to Jim.

The day started fast and furious.  It was a balmy, overcast day, warm with a chance of showers as we started the day. The men were coming to do the roof extension which meant Kid and Bruno needed to be out and gone by 8:00 am. To get us moving faster, the first truck arrived at 7:15.  We were hustling.   I have had the luxury of sleeping in (which is good because I have not slept much at night) the last week or so. But it was up and at it today.  Even simple things like getting dressed are harder with an arm in sling-but I was hurrying as fast as I could.  It was also my day to get my stitches out.

I gave Bruno a little shot to ease his excitement over being out of his stall for one of the few times in four months.  I wasn’t sure how I, ‘the one arm wonder’, was going to handle unloading the horses at the vet. To compound our morning excitement, Lauren’s favorite cat, Orange had been limping around on three legs so we thought we better take him along as well.

I was in charge of getting Kid to the trailer.  The plan was for Bruno to follow him but that lasted about two seconds and Bruno and Lauren blasted past us.  I tied Kid to the trailer so I was ‘hand free’ to close the slant in the trailer.  Bruno went in easily but was pawing away as we loaded Kid.  Off we went.

I called ahead to ask for help and quickly Kid and Bruno were in their new stalls looking for alfalfa.  We left Orange so they could check out his leg.  We went home to change so Lauren could go to school while I would stay with Momma until my doctor’s appointment.

Momma was getting her hair done when I arrived.  I knew the days I had not been there were lost days.  It was harder for her to recognize either Lauren and I.  I gave her an update on Jim-that he was back in Denver and staying with his daughter, Janie.  She told me he had been over to visit just the other day and had told her he was very happy (of course, she had not seen him).  But honestly, I am glad they still see each-however, she thinks it happens.  I told her she looked real nice in her pretty sweater and with her hair just done-but both Lauren and I thought she was looking thinner than usual.

From mom’s, I was off to get my stitches out.  I got a talking to about not lifting “anything” with my arm.  And not even taking off my sling at night (try sleeping in a sling-not conducive to a good night’s sleep!). I got some exercises to start, my stitches out and view from the MRI showed all healing well.  We discussed me getting back to work, making the drive in the sling (he told me Sugar Land police would give me a ticket for driving in the sling) and typing (keep tapping it out with one finger, Cindy).

The vet called, Orange had a 105 degree temperature and was coming home with antibiotics.  We picked him up on the trip back home.

Getting the roof supports up.

Getting the roof supports up.

When we got home, the main roof supports of the new section were up.  Then the monsoon hit.  The same storm that rocked Bartlesville, Tulsa and Denver, was headed for Houston.  We saw the men scramble for their trucks and rushed out to get Mickey and Feather out of the blasting rain.  Lauren, in shorts and I, in capris, stopped short as we opened the front door.  Freezing-we could see our breath.

The plan had been for Ally to come down and help Lauren re-align the mats in the stalls while the horses were gone.  Instead, it was her and I.  Me, using all the skills I had, wrangling the heavy mats with my feet.  Lauren would pick them up and I would stand on them while she dug out underneath.  Finally, a good use for me!

The storm moved on quickly.  We got the stalls re-matted.  I came in and took my first real shower in over a week.  I was cold and it was great!

Ally did make the trip down and helped Lauren move over 800 pounds of shavings into the stalls while I watched the girls play.  I am completely and totally exhausted from my long day.  Hope I sleep better tonight.

Oh, and the welders and workers came back.  They are still working.

2 thoughts on “A Cool Front

  1. First of all Midge looks beautiful!!!! Secondly, if I know you (and I did), you may have used that arm just a teensy bit! I hope it continues to heal and you feel better and better.

    • Thanks Camille-and yes, unfortunately things just happen and instinct takes over. Second day home, the baby started to pull on the table cloth and I just reached with my left to stop it all from falling. It hurt like crazy. It is why it just never gets healed as well as it should.

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