Bruno Comes Home-A Bruno Story

Due to the graphic nature of today’s photos-please use caution in allowing children to view pictures.

Today on day nine of Bruno’s recovery, we went to Texas A&M  to pick up Bruno.  He had new tissue growing on the bone and the healing had started.  Here are some photos of the hoof as it was cleaned out prior to having a custom shoe fitted on Friday.  The new shoe has a plate that screws in and out so we have access to the “defect” (as the vet called it). 

Sorry its sideways!  Lauren c alls it him bloody stump.

Sorry its sideways! Lauren calls  it him bloody stump.

With his custom shoe!

With his custom shoe!

Today-cleaned and ready to come home.

Today-cleaned and ready to come home.


Bruno will need to be stall bound for four weeks at which time he will return to A&M.  He will not be happy but he will have Mr. Kid as his constant companion. Dr. Marsh was terrific. 

Jordyn was singing “Santa Claus is coming to Town”.  Ally told her yes, he was in 363 days.  Wish I knew how Bruno will be doing then.  We are happy to have him home and happy to have been able to give him this second chance.

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