Hello from Wharton

101e2582The last couple days have been constant activity with all the kids, animals and adults with differing opinions. You know, family times! We have eaten well and often. Laughed, long and hard and occasionally been near tears (and not just the kids). I have gotten to know my dear granddaughter Lexi who was just a baby when I saw her last in Denver but now has a full and engaging personality.


Lexi trying on her hat for next summer's vacation.

Lexi trying on her hat for next summer’s vacation.

She reminds me so much of Amber as a toddler. All full of Irish personality and big, brown eyes with long lashes and a quick smile. Impishly small, with tiny features and frame, she packs a lot in her miniature self. Riley, too, had grown up and while spats with cousin Jo were common, so was a new maturity and an eye out for his little sister. Jordyn had her hands full constantly being called upon “to do the right thing because she was the oldest.” Being the oldest is not all that fun when it means someone one else gets to ride Mickey first or have first choice over dessert.

Still, we were all happy to have the time.  I actually missed two days with my mom.  The first two days in a row that I have missed since she moved here.  Ally and Amber went on Thursday but she had no idea who they were and asked only for me.  Big time guilt. 

Yesterday, although freakishly cool for south Texas, the kids had been promised that they could ride the horses and so they did.  Horse people know cold weather makes for frisky horses and I was concerned about using Feather or Mimi.  The previous day, in a random accident, Lauren and I had been trying to get the horses in from the pasture when Feather bucked out and just happened to catch Lauren square in the jaw. She dropped like a rock to the ground.  I figured it was Life Flight time.  Amber, the nurse practitioner, quickly assessed that she was moving her feet (kicking the ground-so not paralyzed) and screaming (no broken jaw) so while it hurt it was nothing that ice and Advil would not heal. Anyway, no desire to try Feather or young Mimi with the wee ones on a windy, cold day.  Riley rode Mickey first, much to angst of Jordyn who thinks Mickey is hers (of course, she also thinks Snowney, Feather, Mimi, Kid and Bruno are hers).  But she waited without tears until both Riley and Lexi had taken a spin.  We even convinced her to let Riley ride double with her!  Mick was a champ.

Neither of my son-in-laws had seen Bruno in person.  Luke said it best for me when he told Ally of his first glimpse of the big, black horse.  She said, “I told you he was sweet and big and you have seen pictures of him. ”  Luke told her, “when his blanket came off he was just spectacular.  He was  (and Luke hesitated a moment), indescribable!”  Oh, my Bruno stealing hearts again.

After tearful goodbyes last night, Amber and family are off to Denver today.  I appreciate all Ally and family did to make things so nice for all of us.

Lauren and I got working early this freezing morning, preparing the area in front of Bruno and Kid’s new stall to lay mats.  The vet had suggested that we have the mats so that we had a ‘clean’ place to work on and re-bandage his hoof over the next several months.  We leveled the ground, went to TSC to buy eight new 4 foot by 6 foot mats and carried them one by one to lay in front of the stalls.

The new mats in front of the stalls for Kid and Bruno.

The new mats in front of the stalls for Kid and Bruno.

We had our first time to re-bandage the hoof and while it was not as neat as our vet techs before us, I think it was adequate.  

Later I rode Mick and Lauren rode Feather.  It was still cold but both horses worked well for us.  The plan is to take them to lessons on Monday.  Hopefully, the weather holds. 

I am tired from all the fun but grateful for my terrific family, the health of my mother and wellness of all my animals.

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