Holiday Cheer

On Christmas Eve, Lauren and I took Nanny to Jo Etta and Blake’s for a soup dinner before Christmas Eve service at their church.  Jo Etta had set such a beautiful festive table.  So many of the nursing home residents were just hanging out listening to Christmas Carols.  Mom was excited to be going out.  However, after the dinner and church service, it was way too much for her and we left at the offertory.  It may be the last time we do the whole Christmas Eve thing. 

After many travel delays, Amber and her family made it to Texas late Christmas evening. 

Mom is drinking her Boost while the family gathers around.

Mom is drinking her Boost while the family gathers around.

Lauren, Jordyn and I had dinner already made at Ally’s house.  It was exciting for all of us (okay, maybe just Jordyn and I) when they finally arrived.  It was great to have us all together.

On the 26th, we all met up at my house for Christmas dinner and presents.  So many wonderful gifts were exchanged and way too much food was eaten.  I got an IPAD so I can take the Blog on the road and never have to miss a day.  Of course, it is taking the entire family to get me set up to use it.  I am moving into the future.

Hope everyone had a great holiday!

1 thought on “Holiday Cheer

  1. So glad you all were together finally and had a great day on the 26th. It is pretty cold here and our little snow from a week go is hanging on. Wanted to wish you a very HAPPY&PROSPERUS NEW YEAR.

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