Day Five-A Bruno Story

The Aggie Leg.

The Aggie Leg.

Lauren and I made the Sunday drive up to see Bruno today. He had gotten his hoof re-dresssed this morning. The surgeon was happy to see that there is granulation which means new healthy tissue is growing. Likewise, there is no longer any infection and for the first time in who knows how long, Bruno’s foot is disease free.

There was no sign of blood this morning which was a bonus for us as well.  Although I am to receive some of the pictures from the hoof during surgery so if you are squeamish you might want to miss out on tomorrow’s post.  He was re-wrapped and also had his leg half-way wrapped to help support it and keep the swelling down.  Coincidentally, it was wrapped in A&M maroon.  I am not sure they even order any other color here.

Lauren loving on Bruno.

Lauren loving on Bruno.

We spent some time in the stall with Bruno.  He was in great spirits and ate about 20 carrots, some apples and horse treats.  He is obviously feeling better.  I wish I had a 20 foot high, cinderblock stall to put him in when he gets home.  He certainly is feeling no pain today, which is great, but we don’t want him to get excited and hurt the foot.

When we got back home, we did the last of the grocery shopping, a lot of cooking and had a quiet afternoon.  We will not talk about the Texans.  Merry Christmas Eve Eve to all.

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