Life Goes On-

Bruno has been taking center stage the last few days but today was a day to catch up with family and friends.  Of course, I have been seeing my mom each day, a couple of days the visits have been a little rushed but I have gotten over each day.  It seems like there is something in the water there with all the residents a little more on edge and nuttier than usual.  One man had searched endlessly for his wife when he first came to the facility but finally had been settling in pretty well.  Last night he was going door to door (and opening each door without warning) looking for the dining room.  Twice he walked into my mom’s room as I was helping her dress for dinner.  The third time I just asked him if he wanted to wait and walk down with us.  He said okay and sat down on my mom’s bed to wait.  In loud stage whisper, mom looked at me and said, “Do you think he is going to break it?”  I told her I hoped not. 

Tonight one of our favorite residents was distraught over some men that were coming into the place and scaring her.  I am pretty sure it could have been the man we just talked about so I asked if she wanted to stay with us for awhile.  She asked Lauren over and over if that ever happened to her (that men had scared her). Then she started rearranging Lauren’s hair.  Another lady was convinced her room was on fire and was rushing down the hall with her purse intent on evacuating the facility. It is hard enough to get Lauren to go with me and I doubt she will volunteer for a while after tonight.

Micenzie looking focused and determined on Mr. Kid

Micenzie looking focused and determined on Mr. Kid

Today my friend Cayla and her family came down to let their daughter ride.  Jordyn was here and Caroline came with her daughters, Arianna and Abby.  All the horses, including Mr. Kid got saddled and ridden.  Everyone switched around a lot but I think young Micenzie rode the most horses.  I saw her on Kid, Feather and Mimi. 

Arianna trying out Lauren's Mickey. I'd say it went pretty well!

Arianna trying out Lauren’s Mickey. I’d say it went pretty well!

We thought Arianna was bringing her horse to ride.  Lauren and I had discussed the possibility of her trying out Mickey to do jumpers on this year but were afraid since he had not been saddled in almost three weeks that he would scare her and act stupid.  But they pulled in without the trailer.  It was one of the cases where things just seem to happen-the whole man plans-God laughs thing.  Arianna ended up doing great on Mickey and he acted like he had been working and jumping every day.  Lauren jumped Feather for me. It was great to see their progress.

Arianna and Lauren exchanged Christmas gifts.  Lauren got the beautiful white and gold OTTB saddle pad which I hope one day soon Bruno proudly wears into the show ring.

Arianna's present to Lauren and Bruno.  The beautiful OTTB pad (photo from their web site- )

Arianna’s present to Lauren and Bruno. The beautiful OTTB pad (photo from their web site- )

On the Bruno update side, I had told my friend Kathy that I was a little freaked out about what I had gotten myself into with this horse and the huge responsibility he would be for sometime.  I want to share what she told me. 

“This will be the worst part because you are at the beginning.  Time flies and each day that passes moves you closer to realizing your dream.  Any investment requires that you sacrifice something; usually money and time.  Its the sacrifice that makes the reward so sweet.  Hold on to the excitement of what they (Lauren and Bruno) can be.”

Well said, my friend, and I needed to hear it.  Tomorrow morning we will head back to TAMU for another visit with Bruno.  It will be day five for him. 

Amber and family come on Christmas day.  So much to look forward to-wishing happy times to all of you.  Enjoy the blessings of this season!

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