Jim and Jay Alert!-Momma’s Going to a Mexican Restaurant!

Lauren and her friend Megan-saying Welcome to Wharton!

Jim and Jay love Mexican food. My mother does not like it all. It has been an ongoing battle of wills since Jim and Mom got married over 15 years ago.  Very little makes Jim as happy as great Mexican food and a Margarita.  So, Jim has gone off on his own or when in Tucson with Jay, to get his Mexican food fix.

My little town does not have very many restaurants and fewer still that are half-way good.  It is helpful if they serve alcohol because mom likes a glass of wine with her meal.  Mom has been in the wheelchair with limited mobility pretty much the whole time since she has been in Wharton.  But she has been up walking for the past week and I decided to throw caution to wind.  The Mexican food restaurant sits up high overlooking the Colorado River.  It has been a favorite since we moved here.  However, there is no elevator.  To get up to the restaurant you either take the stairs or a long, winding ramp. 

It was just mom and I with Lauren camping with deer and Ally tied up with family things.  When I got to her place she was quite distraught about the big storm that was coming.  We are not having a storm.  Hasn’t rained in weeks and we will be lucky if we get any rain at all this weekend.  I think the residents were watching the coverage of Hurricane Sandy in New York and thought it was happening here.  Mom was anxious to get of there and told me she was scared to go back because of the storm.  We spent most of lunch with me trying to convince her there was not a storm brewing.

We successfully got up the long ramp.  We ordered a Margarita to share and my favorite chicken with spinach and mushrooms.  Okay, so it is a Mexican place but the chef serves up great concoctions of his own that are not spicy and very good.  Mom really liked the chicken that came out on a steaming plate with fresh vegetables, rice and hot homemade tortillas.  What a success! 

Now, when Jim and Jay come to visit, they can get the food they like and mom will have something to enjoy as well.  They even made her hot tea with honey. 

It was easier to take her back to her place with the Margarita on board and momma ready for a nap.  I admit, I too, was ready for a little afternoon siesta.

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