What’s the News?

Riley, my three-year old grandson, ate some Halloween candy last evening and immediately knew it was not for him.  While sometimes prone to being a little dramatic, he complained about his throat, then started vomiting and coughing. He was obviously in distress. Quickly, his body was swelling and covered in a rash.  Off to the hospital, he and Amber went.  While not life threatening, thank God, it was a pretty awful time as the drugs went to work to curb the anaphylactic reaction he was having.  After several hours (all night) at the hospital, they were on their way home this morning. 

His parents have known for some time that Riley had allergies to peanuts and are careful to keep him away from peanuts at all times.  Other types of nuts have been okay.  I remember my allergist telling me when I had so many food allergies, that even if I was okay with a related type of food, over time, I would surely break down and begin to have issues with those other foods.  Apparently, this is what happened to little Riley.  My food allergies caused stomach upsets but nothing caused my airway to swell or have the type of reaction that Riley just had.  I hope he never has to relive last night again, but I am afraid there could be possibilities for this to occur again in the future.

Baby Kendyll all dressed up to watch the Texans go 7-1!

On my home front, momma came over for a simple lunch of tuna noodle casserole and homemade banana bread.  She thought it was the best thing ever and ate quite a hearty lunch.  Lauren, home from deer camp, did her nails for her and she had a pretty good time. 

We watched some of the Texans game, enough to worry me when it 7-6 as I left to go out and watch Lauren ride.  But Lauren had a good ride and the Texans pulled off another win.  Lauren and I worked on getting Mickey ready for the show including deep conditioning, braiding and enclosing his tail in protective bag (to help it not get torn or pulled).  Mickey was unimpressed with his pink pirate with skulls tail bag.  Feather, however, thought it was pretty cool.

It looked better (and neater) before he spent the night in the pasture with it.

Lauren and I had a nice evening just catching up.  We successfully loaded Feather in the trailer-always a good thing.  We did some chores and got things ready for the show this coming weekend.

My neighbor, who has been gone during the whole dog pack invasion, returned home.  I went over to tell him about it.  Next thing I knew he was out in his Jeep romping through the fields, gun on the seat beside him.  He was going to  take care of the dog pack, if he caught up with them.  Lauren went out later to hay the horses and said the neighbor was now patiently sitting on his back porch, gun across his lap.

With the time change, I leave in the morning still before dawn and by the time I get home and feed the horses, it dark again.  Makes for long, short days, if that makes any sense.

1 thought on “What’s the News?

  1. Three things, just one of them serious. I hope the little guy is doing OK, I know from experience those things are scary and can be very dangerous. I hope Lauren brought you a T-shirt from deer camp, and I really can’t believe you make Mickey wear that pink thing on his tail even if it is just around the barn.

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