Friday Afternoon

Across the pasturephoto courtesy of Linda Potter-Potter Photography

It is another Friday.  We all look forward to the weekend, especially those of us doing the Monday through Friday grind.  I guess that applies if you are a worker or a student.  Years ago, I worked nights 7 pm- 7 am at the hospital, every other weekend.  That changed my perspective of weekends.  Then you could not wait to finally be off on Monday and really did not start to feel like a human being again until late Monday afternoon.

I look forward now to Friday afternoons.  I look forward to turning my little car towards home for that last commute of the week.  I especially am looking forward to this weekend because we get to turn the clocks back an hour.  I think the Sunday morning when we turn the clocks back ranks as my favorite holiday.  In the early dawn hours of Sunday morning, I can look at the clock and know I can have an extra hour of sleep.  I know come Sunday night I will go to bed earlier so it will actually be a shortened day for me. Yet, I look forward to it religiously.

Weekends are like that as well. I look forward to them for the break from routine and the time to catch up.  This weekend, Lauren and Blake are off to deer camp (now, isn’t that a stupid thing to call deer hunting-going to deer camp?  I mean really, I guess you are “camping” with the deer but since your plan is to kill them, that kind of takes away from the pleasant summer camp connotation).  Anyway, Lauren will be gone all weekend or at least until she gets tired of hanging out in the woods without satellite tv, so I am on my own.  I have some projects I want to do.  Like work on getting Mickey clipped, cleaned and ready for the show next weekend and clean out the tackroom.  I also want to get mom out to dinner or at least over on Sunday for a meal and the Texan’s game.

It will be nice to have some time to read, write and recharge but honestly I will miss my usual visit from Jordyn and having time to talk to Lauren.  It will actually be pretty quiet at the farm. 

It has been a long time since I have had two days and nights alone.  Mickey and I will go for a couple of long rides.  I will spend some quality time at Wal-Mart.  I also suspect my Facebook time will increase as well.  I expect to be ready for some company by Texan kick-off time Sunday.

Next Thursday we move Mickey to the Katy Equestrian Center for Zone 7 Finals.  We have prayed, wished and hoped to be making this trip and are extraordinarily blessed to actually be headed there.  Next weekend will be nuts, so it is nice to have this weekend to just be quiet.

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