Around the Farm (and Nursing Home)

Both my mom and the new pony seem to be settling in to their new homes.  I am sure mom has had greater mental angst and the Mimi (the pony) greater physical angst.  But both are markedly happier after a few days in Wharton.

The first day at the new facility, momma kept asking when she could go back home.  And if she could go to my house and stay.  But each time, I got there to visit she was out in the lobby chatting away with the other ladies.  I think they were all chatting away and no one really was taking in what the others were saying but they seemed happy enough to be sharing their stories with one another.

By Monday, momma was starting to settle in and accept her new home.  Still confused about time of day and what would happen next, she was telling me she liked the “new place” except her room (the very first apartment) was too far from the lobby. 

Lauren was there to visit her yesterday and spent several minutes getting mom to understand who she was.  But then she asked about Lauren’s wonderful boyfriend and put together who Lauren was and what she was doing (going to school).  Momma got her hair done yesterday so that was a landmark event.  Lauren said it was “Texas Big Hair” but momma is happy with it so that is all that matters.  Also, it costs $11.  Seriously.  We were paying four times that amount in Denver.

Mimi’s sire, Welsh Pony RosMel’s Cotillion showing his stuff

Mimi has spent the last couple of days getting indoctrinated by the herd.  It is about learning to get along, learning to give up and learning to stand her ground.  Horses learn a lot from the herd about manners and behavior.  The herd teaches them the rules of life.  It has not been easy being a small pony turned out with three full size horses.  We have watched to see that she didn’t get hurt but there has been a lot of running, kicking and biting.  A friend asked today how Mickey was accepting the new pony.  When I told her that he hadn’t really objected at all, we both knew it was not typical Mickey behavior.

We started pony training classes last night.  I had looked up Mimi’s sire and found he was known for passing his good, balanced temperament to his off-spring.  Okay, I was ready for some of the good temperament and Mimi did not disappoint me.  Although young and pretty fast with her teeth (still teething on anything she can put in her mouth) and her hooves (oh, boy is Roland the farrier going to love her-not!) once I set to saddle and bridle her she was well-behaved.  I know I owe Caroline for that.  So, the saddle went on, she didn’t object as I tightened the girth and I slipped the bit gently and easily into her small mouth. 

We followed her favorite  new friend, Feather, out to the arena.  Lauren worked Feather while I started Mimi on the lunge line.  I knew that Caroline had been working Mimi on the line so we worked in a small circle with me urging her on determinedly from behind.  I thought she did very well.  She walked and trotted both directions, backed up with some urging and overall did nicely.  I was much happier with her as we left the arena.  She is young, inexperienced and never had been in this arena before.  She took it all in stride-maybe some of daddy’s temperament coming into play.  We will start putting some weight on her back and do some ground driving to teach how the reins work. 

Both momma and Mimi are getting used to their new homes.  One will hopefully settle in and grow old gracefully.  And one will hopefully settle in and grow into a champion.

4 thoughts on “Around the Farm (and Nursing Home)

  1. Suzi- i will send tomorrow-I talk to her about you and she definately remembers the idea of you. Look at the comments under the “Momma moves, flies, etc” and you will see my response to LuAnn. Maybe you could get down here and stay with me for long weekend or something. She would love to see you. Love you so much as well!

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