Showtime (again)

Kendyll sporting the horse show tee shirt. Aunt Ordee (Lauren) rides with Devereaux Sport Horses. So, Geaux (GO)-alright I will quit explaining.

It is a show weekend.  At this time last year, Mickey was sitting first (and would win the season) in Greater Houston Open Jumpers.  Leo was sitting second or third for the season and would end up fifth for the year in GHHJA along with picking up a couple of year end awards in the Gulf Coast Association as well.  Mickey is sick now.  Leo is gone to other green pastures.  It is unlikely there will be any awards at all this year.

A year ago, Feather wasn’t even a dot on our radar.  We didn’t even know that she existed.  Certainly, the existence or thought of Mimi wasn’t running through our heads.

Likewise, on the home front, Ally wasn’t pregnant with Kendyll yet.  My mother still seemed to know who I was-at least until I saw her at Christmas time.  My cousins Sharyl and Conner were alive.  Life changes.  We try to adapt.

Looking at it in this light, my own issues with my horses are pretty insignificant.  But they are illustrative of how we meander through life thinking the status quo will be maintained.  We think our family will be here to share our future times.  We think our family is complete and are blessed with a new baby.  We think our horses will run forever and they get stopped short of our goals.

This weekend, Feather will be Lauren’s only entry in the horse show.  Where Lauren was jumping 3’6″ and beyond last year at lightening speed, she will enter the ring in the lowest of classes (2’3″) and hope for a slow, steady, cautious ride.  I don’t mean to suggest it will be any less work for her or the horse.  Each class (and stage of the horse’s progression) takes its own delicate hand to master.  Feather did well at her first show.  Hopefully, each show builds on the success of the last.  But just like last night when I took Mimi in the ring for round two of training, she should have been better but she was actually behaving worse than her first day.  My old horse Mariah was a model of the rule of diminishing returns.  For the first couple days in any week of training, she improved, then come day three or four, she would be digress.  Then we would start over again, improving, growing a little more. But overall, the horses move forward, mature and get better.

Jordyn will be on hand to ride her Snowney in the Leadline class.  I expect him to be as dependable as ever.  In fact, he is really the only thing in my horse world that has stayed the same during this long year of change.

The horse show weekends are not the same without the excitement and adrenaline provided by Mickey jumping a course. However, I do not necessarily miss Leo jumping a course in his hair raising, crazy way.  Nor do I worry so much about Lauren being hurt-although it could happen.  My trailer is clearly better off for Leo moving on.  So are my nerves.

I will still hope for a good round amongst the three Feather and Lauren will complete at the show.  I will enjoy being with our show friends and the camaraderie shared while waiting for classes to be called in 100 degree barn.  It is showtime and I am ready for new beginnings.

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