Enter the Welsh (Pony that is)

I should know better than to make decisions when I am tired, stressed or overwhelmed.  I tend to be impulsive (note: me buying two Yorkshire Terriers) especially when it comes to animals.  This last weekend with my mom qualified me on all counts above.  So what is new in my barn?  A three-year old, unbroken, naughty Welsh pony named Mimi. 

The pony had been purchased with the purest of motives for Caroline’s young daughter Abby.  Caroline and I are not unlike in sometimes not seeing past the animal to the work needed to make the animal a contributing member of our family.  Mimi was a great Christmas surprise for Abby.  What could be better than a beautiful Christmas pony?  Well, maybe a pony that Abby could ride and play with not one that needed training and miles.  Not bumming on Caroline.  I have made similar decisions a hundred times and will make them again.

It is now nine months later.  Lauren (without Leo or Mickey) is riding only Feather.  She needs a project.  The initial idea was she would just take Mimi for a month or so and get her started under saddle.  Next thing, I figured we might as well just buy her and then success or failure she is ours.

Mimi, about half the size of Feather, their coloring is very similar.

Mimi (registered name Rosmel’s Silver Mimosa) came yesterday.  I put her with old Mr. Kid (there’s an oxymoron).  Maybe because Mickey is sick and not at the top of his game, there is some shifting in the herd.  Kid, when he was 20 and Mickey was five, was the pack leader.  Over the years, Mickey has taken that lead from Kid.  But horses sense things that I should not dwell on.  And normally, setting the new horse with Kid would be an easy transition but Kid, from Mimi’s first step in the pasture, was after her.  Pushing, lunging, kicking and trying to bite, none of which he actually landed on her, but he put on an intimidating show.  He cantered around.  He bucked.  I bet he is really sore today.  The pony quickly learned to stay out of his reach.

As the day progressed, we introduced Feather and Mimi.  Their coloring is nothing short of 50 shades of gray.  Seriously.  Look at them.  Mimi looks bigger here than she really is.  The two girls got along pretty well.

Lauren will have her work cut out for her.  I cannot ride this pony.  She is way too small for me.  So, I can help in the ground training but it will be Lauren’s days in the saddle that will make or break this pony. 

Sharing hay.

In the hunter/jumper world there are whole divisions devoted to ponies and the Welsh ponies tend to fair well.  Lauren can no longer show in the pony division but can get the little one going and then hopefully sell her to someone who will do well by her.  I could even see a few years down the road Jordyn or Abby could be up on this little girl.  She is fancy looking-just got to get her going safely and quietly before any kids get up on her back.

Tomorrow, Camp Lauren will start and Mimi will start learning life’s lessons.  Wish I was going to be home to watch!

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