Two-year-old Riley hugging his baby sister Lexi

While pouring rain continued, Amber with baby Lexi came from Denver to stay with Ally and baby Kendyll as Luke returned to work. I am so grateful they could be here. Work was exceptionally crazy this week so I saw little of the girls and their babies. I should have tried harder. But the time I did spend it was so amazing to watch them with their own families-sharing love and being terrific mothers. How did they learn that? I don’t know but am so proud of all of them. They certainly had their trials like when Ally was feeding Kendyll, Amber was addressing Lexi’s four new teeth that were hurting her mouth and Jordyn decided she had to have milk-NOW. Jo dumped the full gallon of milk down the inside of the refrigerator. She howled in frustration. Baby Lexi took up the call fussing about her teeth and baby Kendyll just continued to nurse anchoring Ally to her spot on the couch. Jordyn has been the light of the Taylor family from the day she entered the world. Lauren and I, my mom and Jim and certainly Amber’s family find her an entrancing child. From this position of family focus to a new big sister is proving to be a little bit of a stretch for Jordyn. I bet she has cried more tears this week than ever before in her short life. But I know she will come to love and care for her sister and share the limelight. Amber left last night with Lexi. Of course, the plane was delayed due to the weather. When they arrived in Denver, big brother Riley and dad, Ryan, were on hand to greet them. In what was nothing but a pure and simple explanation of love, Riley ran to his baby sister, Lexi and threw his arms around her in a big hug. Lexi, not even a year old, embraced her brother as well. They stayed glued together for a few minutes, maybe reassuring themselves that their sibling was home at last and going to stay. In the end, love is feeling of knowing your family is there for you. Nothing could be more pure than these two kids holding each other tight in the big Denver airport. It does my heart good to see this love expressed by my grandchildren. In a world of so much heartbreak and sorrow, love is alive and well in the hearts of these children.

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