And More Rain

It seems like months since a week ago when Feather finally loaded into Sarah’s trailer and rode off to her barn.  We have had horrible weather weighing in with over eight inches of rain in one week (you might get that as a snowfall-but as rain, it is insane).  It has been hard week just keeping up with the wet stalls, standing water and mud to our knees. 

One of the barns in North Houston, previous home to our trainer Dev, our friend Amy and others was totally engulfed in water. 

Horse awaiting rescue from horrible Houston rains.

Thankfully we were not as challenged here but things were definitely bad.  If we are lucky we will use our arena in a week IF it stops raining today.  It has already poured another couple of inches earlier today.Our horses, except retired Mr. Kid, are working athletes.  And as such, need continual physical fitness.  No one has been ridden since last Saturday or even moved from their stall except for a short time last night.  We are lucky to be in the summer lull of the season, although it is a busy time in other areas of the country.  No one gets too excited about horse shows in 100 degree Texas weather.  We would welcome some 100 degree days and that usually constant southern wind about right now. 

I am going to wade out to the barn and get the horses their dinner.  Maybe they can get out for a while again tonight.  And if it can stay dry overnight, maybe tomorrow we can start taking some rides around the horse trailer that is still surrounded by water. 

Lauren said she was okay with no more rain until next year.  I am inclined to agree with her.


1 thought on “And More Rain

  1. That’s so sad seeing those stranded horses. Some were stranded in their stalls with water up to their necks!

    Well, there is good news. The weather people are suggesting there is an end in sight. The high pressure system causing all this is supposed to shift in the next couple days, and the rain is supposed to let up. 😀 Finally!

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