The endless rain is taking its toll

on my little farm

no way to ride

no way to train

really no way to even walk to the barn

without boots to my knees

Stalls are soaked

horses are bored

we need shavings, feed and hay

but getting supplies to the barn

except by wheelbarrow is impossible

last year we fought the drought

this year we are swimming in mud

little puppy girl, Gia, is not tall enough

to cross the pasture of water

I know it will pass

it always does

but the days of mud and water are

hard, long ones for us

it would be okay to stop soon, God

and this time no snakes when you are done

2 thoughts on “Rain

  1. I completely feel you on the rain. I’m sure Libby can sympathize more, being Dev’s barn slave this week, but I am so ready for this to pass and get back in the tack. I’ll still take it over the drought of last summer, but I am definitely ready to get riding.

    Stay safe out there. The weather forecast for the remainder of the week doesn’t look promising. 😦

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