Welcome Kendyll Paige

Baby Kendyll Paige

Kendyll Paige Taylor, at eight pounds, two ounces joined our family this afternoon.  Delivered via C-Section, she came safely and lovingly into the world.  She looks a lot like her pretty sister Jordyn Grace although she seems to have more hair and it is darker.  Ally looks great and Kendyll is already nursing well and settling in to life on the outside.

Her other grandma, Dodie, and I stood with are arms linked, tears rushing from our eyes as we gazed at Kendyll and Ally peacefully lying together an hour or so after birth.  We were both overwhelmed with the bountiful blessings that God had bestowed on us.  Thank you dear Lord for what you have given us.  May we be good ambassadors of your love and spirit to this little child.

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