Feather goes to Training (we hope)

My friend, the talented Sarah Petty, is coming to get Feather on Saturday (unless Ally is in labor and we will re-schedule). While the original plan had been to get Feather to Dev’s for advanced under saddle work, with the trailering and behavior issues, Sarah has graciously offered to do some interim lessons so that we can then move on to the Dev plan later.  You have to load in a trailer and accept basic things in the barn before you can move on to doing great things in the show ring.

Sarah grew up (literally) working horses.  I cannot begin to guess how many horses she has ridden in her life although she is only in her mid-20’s.  Sarah was the one that convinced Mickey that walking forward was a good plan after he showed up in her family rescue so many years ago.  She has a commanding spirit and a gentle soul and if anyone can convince Feather that loading in a trailer is a good idea it will be Sarah.  I just hope we get Feather to go along with the plan.  If we can get her into Sarah’s trailer than Sarah can slowly and consistently work with her to re-load and adjust to the trailer as needed.

Prince with Melissa on board.

I hope so much that this is a success.  Feather’s relatives are synonymous with success in the eventing world.  Pictured is her cousin Prince that Melissa McMaster took from a youngster to being one of the top eventing horses in the country.  We hope Feather grows up to be just like Prince but she’s gotta go in the trailer first.  I will send an update on Saturday with the progress.  This mare has a date with destiny and I believe we must gently urge her forward so she can find her own place in the show world.  I suspect that when Feather meets Sarah, she will think she has returned to Melissa.  I think she will respect Sarah and her time with her will be invaluable to her future.  Thank you, Sarah-I pray this works.

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