And MayFest was our Fest this time

The loot from the MayFest (plus some serious cash and token gifts)

We had a rough Saturday.  Mickey and Lauren both were getting tired.  Hard to sustain the speed and edge as the jumps got higher and higher.  Still a lot went well. 

Today  we learned that Lauren won Grand Champion for two Divisions.  Total points for the division are calculated over all the days showing and the rider with the highest points is the Grand Champ and second highest points are awarded the Reserve Champion designation.  Over all the years Lauren has shown in the rated shows, once (MayFest last year) she won one Grand Championship.  And once quite some time ago she was Reserve Champion for a show.

So, two Grands!  Wow.  And in her Low Adult Jumper division she was one point (1 freaking point) out of Reserve Champ.

I am very proud of both them. 

 And since it is Mother’s Day, I would also like to mention how lucky I was (am) to have my great Mother!  She doesn’t remember much these days.  I am so saddened to have lost my biggest supporter and advocate.  I must carefully edit my remarks to her so she can understand them and so she doesn’t get scared.  I am so blessed to have had her by my side all these years.  Momma, I love you so!  I miss you so much too!

My daughter Amber is the best little momma herself.  She is always selfless and trying to do more for her kids.  I know how hard it is to work and have young ones. though mine were never so close.

I love you, Ammy and am proud to be your mother.

Ally has been the greatest mom to Jordyn.  I just don’t know how she could have done better.  So soon, she will have baby number two and I know she will be the best mother to Kendyll as well.

I love you, Ally and am proud to be your mom.

Lauren, of course, is a great mom to Mickey, Sneaky and Puppy Girl.

How they all learned this is puzzling.  I know I have not been half the mom to them that they are to their children.  But some how they learned.  I thank God everyday for my wonderful family.

Today, I give thanks for many things!  Happy Mother’s Day to all you, moms.  God Bless you!

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