Another show day

Lauren and Mickey hit the ground running winning their first class at .80 meter with a pretty good margin.  The next class was tougher.  Mickey was starting to get tired, day three class number 8.  That is a lot jumping and running.  Mickey jumps when Lauren guides him perfectly to each jump.  Second to the last jump of 13, Lauren had fallen out of position and Mickey-Stopped.  Dead stopped.  Lauren got him going again, donning the crop and spurs but was penalized by the clock and for the “refusal”.  Normally, it is very difficult for Lauren and Mick to come back after this type of issue.  I was afraid for them as they went in the ring for the first of their adult low jumper classes at 1.0 meter.  It was higher and harder and they were struggling.  They cleared all the fences and ended with a time of 41.04 seconds.  There were some fast horses in the class but they had problems and Lauren and Mick won their first Adult class!  Extremely proud of them doing so well and coming back after a refusal.

I had the last of my tests this morning so was there to see this round.  No more tests until Tuesday.

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