Baby Showers

I did not look up the history of baby (and/or wedding) showers but my general understanding is that the new baby or new wife were to be in essence “showered” with gifts.

Little has changed the days of my first baby shower, for Amber, many years ago.  My daughter Ally, was blessed, like I was, with good friends spending thoughtful hours preparing a party that would be fun and have wonderful food.

It is the idea of showering the baby with good tidings and gifts that is so great.  People that loved my daughter came together to make sure she and new baby, Kendyll, were off to a good start. The time spent making the unique cake (a zebra striped dress and shown over a  pregnant torso), the great favors and decorations was obviously a lot.

Jordyn, as the only child at the shower (although is Jordyn ever really childlike?) entertained us all with her happiness and enthusiasm.

I am thankful that I have a family with such friends that my daughter and new grandbaby  can be ushered into the world with such love and care.  I am only sad that Kendyll’s other grandma could not be with us as I know she deeply wanted to be.

Thank you Melissa, Stefani and Britany for such a special day for my special girl and her special girl-to-be.

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