The Time of My Life -Lent Writing #5


After nine days of vacation, my hours are numbered until I return to work.  The weather has continued to be rainy and non-hospitable, and I have been hunkered down in the house except for occasional forays out to the barn to clean stalls (okay, actually Lauren has been cleaning the stalls).

On my vacation I traveled to a foreign country, laid in the tropical sun, spent many wonderful hours with my closest friends (who are also my daughters) and learned a few things as well.  I am happy to be headed back to my usual world.

I am grateful to see 60.  My sister never had even an opportunity to see 28.  All the experiences I have had, both positive and negative, have lead me to where I am today.  I am still learning, growing and trying to improve.  Thank God I have that opportunity!

May all of you have the time for the life you want.  Do not waste it.

Thanks for riding along.


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