Goals-Lent Writing #4

I am all about goals. I was raised in a home where goals were important. Each year I write new goals for myself and for my home/family/animals. I do not always succeed.

This year I vowed to take 40 dressage lessons. Ailments, weather and work have derailed me but I think I can still focus and get this done.

I would like to share a couple of quotes from a recent Health Magazine article on goals. It happens that both men have a name that invokes toughness and determination or said another way…Will Power.

I like the first Will’s goal of many small goals. While I feel this is very obvious when trying to win the Indy 500, how many of us set up for a huge goal that will never be accomplished? By setting small goals be it in life or riding a horse or in your job, you take more of an opportunity to actually accomplish each goal.

Likewise, the other Will says to share your goal with many so you are accountable. Brilliant as well.

It is a quiet, rainy day here and one which I can use to reflect on what I need to accomplish next. I am grateful for quiet, reflective times in an over-loud world.

Enjoy your day and thanks for riding along.

Feather looking out into the gray day. Reflecting on her goals for the year, no doubt.

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