Return to Work-Eve



My time off work has come to pass.  I have fed the horses the last two mornings on my own.  However, Lauren and I moved the feeding schedule forward (something about her not wanting to feed at 4:45, I don’t know!).  I have to admit that this morning’s feed was closer to 7am than 5 am.

I can walk unassisted (no cane, no crutches) but it is a staggering, shuffling walk, not one that provides much locomotion.  I have walked steadily all week in preparation for my return.  My drive is almost a half mile up and back.  It has been cold, wet and windy.  I got over 4000 steps most days, so I am getting stronger.  Lauren makes me clean stalls and water, too!  She is a wicked taskmaster.  I wish that was true.  I am so slow she does three times the work I do in the same time.  We have not had many riders out this week, but it doesn’t change what work we have.

We have had multiple other things going on as well, including:

Lauren has been working on a project to open an additional boarding facility about 20 miles south of here.  She and her friend Libby having been drawing up plans, working financials and talking to potential boarders.  They are learning a lot about real world economics and business planning.  We will see if the project advances later this week.

In the same vein as my story with OTTB Bruno, one of our boarders obtained her dream horse a couple of years ago.  And just like with Bruno, their path has been a hard one. How many of us have bought THAT horse that was the most beautiful, the most talented, perfect,  but not necessarily the one for us?  What a lesson we learn and what a tumble our heart takes.  After two years of trying to make this horse be the RIGHT one for her, the boarder decided that she wanted this horse to find a new home pronto.  I got busy with my contacts.  It took longer than I would have thought to find this Prince the right kingdom.  In the new year, everyone is struggling with finances, space, the weather or is off to Florida for the winter season.


2015/01/img_0049.jpgI think we found a perfect home with Natalie. She rides the stallion Flagmount’s Freedom, whom we plan to breed to TeeDee and Fargo come spring.  The family came down from Bryan/College Station on Saturday, but before they even glanced at the new horse, they wanted to see Feather who had been born and bred on their farm.  I think they were pretty pleased to see the well-built mare who has taken Lauren so far.

As they drove away, my boarder and I discussed the excitement in Natalie’s eyes as she viewed the handsome black gelding for the first time.  While giving up a dream, tears at one’s heart, I know my friend will be thrilled to see Natalie in the dressage ring showing off her fine boy!  Bittersweet for sure.

I also have to mention that it was with great sorrow that I saw this post on Facebook.  Stephanie, the breeder of my pretty filly Betty Sue, announced the passing of the filly’s sire, Special Edition GES, a junior GOV stallion (Sempatico x Nfinity).  I do not know the details of his passing but at his young age it must have been something tragic and sudden.  I know Stephanie must be reeling as this fine stallion was just starting a promising career.  So many hopes and dreams gone in an instant.  Sending out love and prayers to Stephanie and all at Golden Edge Sporthorses.



1 thought on “Return to Work-Eve

  1. Wishing you well on your return to work. Hopefully you’re going back on a part-time basis and working your way back to a full-time work day. Don’t push yourself too hard. I’m sure you’ll know when your body says “enough” for one day. Take care!

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