Letting Go-Getting Strong



Today I watched my mare Kalani disappear around the bend in the road headed out to a new trial home. She may be back but I doubt it.  Usually unless you really misrepresent a horse, they usually work their way into the buyer’s heart and stay where they have gone.  I feel great about the perspective owner as well.  Leeanna and her business partner Courtney, bought my Welsh pony, Mimi, a couple of years ago and have done very well her.

Leeanna told me today that when she first saw the picture of my four grandkids on Kalani, she wanted to tell me if I ever sold her she would interested in perhaps purchasing her.




My Kalina, the horse I just recently bought to be my horse after losing my horses Kool Kid and Bruno, was proving to be the most marketable of our six horses. With deep regret, I watched her drive away.  I am sad but thrilled about the life she may have with Leeanna.  We will see, we will see.

Part of the push to get a horse out of the barn, was the increasing awareness that Snowboy,  the pony that has brought so many kids so far, is just tired, or ornery or something.  While he has continued to perform relatively well for the kids over 12, for Jordyn, he has not been an easy ride.  She is still trying to learn so many things, like how to post the trot, handle the reins, direct her ride and learn her gaits, Snowboy’s with his stops, jagged beginnings and overall disruptive behavior interrupts her learning.

Jordyn does not have a beginner horse to continue her education with safely. We are searching for a quiet, unflappable horse to let her focus on her riding instead of correcting the bad pony. Just a note, and I have said it before, Mickey came back to be Jordyn’s lesson horse yesterday. He was moving a out in a nice fluid trot and Jo was posting right along. From Jordyn’s lesson, Mickey went back in the ring with Alex to gallop and jump. He is a pretty cool guy!

I am upping my walking goal each day. I have made 5000 steps both yesterday and today. My daughter, Ally, was berating one of her friends that on crutches, I was out walking them. It is great to be out at the barn again. I swear Betty Sue has grown so much!

I will keeping moving along. I appreciate you reading along!


Kalina in her new pasture.


1 thought on “Letting Go-Getting Strong

  1. I’m sorry to hear you had to sell your Mare, it sounded like she was a great horse. It says a lot about who you are that you are more concerned with having a beginner horse for your granddaughter than to keep one for you when you can’t ride for a while. Good Job Grandma.

    Great job on picking up your number of steps in a day to such a high level so quickly even if you are still on crutches. I know office workers who don’t get that many in all day. Keep stepping out in faith and God will take you down his path,

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