A Few Steps


As we continue through the holiday week, Jordyn has spent the night a few times. As you recall, I have morning feed duty which consists of getting in any horses that pastured outside overnight and feeding, dogs, cats and equines. I have not accomplished this duty since my surgery. This has left Lauren on morning and night rotation. It is a little overwhelming, and while many of you will not get the reference, it is like being in the Groundhog’s Day movie, where you get up, you do the same things over and over, go to bed and get up to do it all the same again.

Jordyn has really come of age over the autumn months, confidently now, managing tasks that were beyond her previously. As you see in the picture above, she is leading Mickey, with just a lead rope slung over his neck, out to pasture in the early morning light. Taking Mickey to the pasture is an iffy proposition for any of us but Jordyn has been successful more than not. This morning, while having difficulty with Snowboy’s blanket, she made quick work of both Playboy’s and Avery’s blankets, just like she had been doing it forever.

This morning, My doberman awakened me around 3 am as she needed to go out. As I stood by the back door, Jordyn came down the hall. “Granny, is it time to go out and help Lauren?”, she asked. I couldn’t believe she was dressed and ready to go. I sent her back to bed. What kid can’t wait to get up to go out in the dark cold morning and clean stalls? This one, I guess.


Kendyll, too, has learned so much about the horses. When I am off at work I miss her almost daily adventures with the horses. I was surprised to learn upon heading in to make feed that Kendyll knew where each horse’s supplements were and which colored bucket they went into each day. It was just one of many things she has picked up, like each horse’s name and the owner’s as well. She will quickly inform anyone who asks (and many that don’t) all about Granny’s farm. The kids continue to take steps forward in becoming farm kids.

I laid the crutches down and tried a few steps on the cane yesterday. A little unsteady, a little frightened, I shuffled down the hall. A few steps at a time, I am walking again.

2 thoughts on “A Few Steps

  1. Jordyn and Kendyll are such beautiful little girls! You are one lucky Grandma. So glad to hear that you’re taking those first tentative steps on your own. Before you know it, you’ll be back out there doing the morning chores — just don’t be in too big of a hurry. It sounds like your Super Girls are keeping things in check. Take care!

  2. You have a wonderful “team” of willing and loving little farm girls! Hope your holidays are less and less painful and your therapy goes well. Shuffling down the hall qualifies and a wholel series of “single steps” in my book. Glad you’re writing, too. Healing thoughts from my house to your lovely farm!!

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