Merry Christmas

Momma and I enjoying our last Christmas.

Momma and I enjoying our last Christmas.

Honestly, I tried to upload six other pictures but they all errored out.  I guess this was the one I was meant to post.  I am sure missing my momma on this first Christmas without her.

It is day 23 on my post surgical confinement.  My hip replacement turned out to be a little more invasive than thought.  They took out five inches of my leg and hip while replacing it with seven inches of titanium. Ow!  I mean seriously.

I have spent most days in my room, surrounded by my dogs and cat.  I have not even been out to the barn in over ten days, the gravel driveway proving to be my foe.

I have only left the house once in all this time except when visiting the hospital or doctor.  I have had plenty of time to think, to grieve my losses of this year and rewind the moments of celebration and happiness. I have given some serious thought to my life and my job  and bettering my commitment to both. I am going to be paring down and working harder. I am establishing new goals.

Of course, my first goal is to walk again, by myself.  And just manage some simple things like making my bed or feeding the animals.  From there I can step (get it, step?) right into filling other goals.

God gives us time to think and time to plan.  This quiet time is important to me. But expect to see some new photos soon and my return to life.

May you all enjoy a Merry Christmas tonight.  I wish you seasons of Joy.


5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Oh, Cindy, many get-well wishes to you and do as your doctor orders so your rehab moves you each day one step closer to all your goals!! Merry Christmas and God bless

  2. Glad to hear you are on the mend . . . just remember — slow and steady wins the race! 🙂 Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family. I know it must have been hard not having your mom with you but I am sure she was there in loving spirit. Looking forward to hearing from you — you were missed!

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