Life goes on

Joy-pure and simple with Jordyn and Isabel and Prosecco.

Joy-pure and simple with Jordyn and Isabel and Prosecco.

The long weekend has proven to give me some much-needed time to catch up on the million chores left in the wake of a month on speed drive.  I finally actually sat on my couch for the first time since the August started.  I weeded some flower beds.  But mostly this weekend was about getting to a new normal.  Where I am not driving each day to see my mom.  Where my daughter who has spent almost every day on horseback for 15 years is settling for designing some jump courses and helping where she can.  It is all very new.  But we are settling in.  I have a routine now and it is not quite so overwhelming.

I still do not have a death certificate on my mother.  One doctor won’t sign it and the other has been out-of-town, then it has to go to Austin for completion.  I am stranded in this land between living and dead where I cannot manage her affairs (or mine).

This weekend is my grandson Riley’s fifth birthday to be celebrated in Denver tomorrow.   Wish he was here to celebrate with Jordyn and I.  Jordyn has had a weekend full of fun.  She has finally developed enough skill handling her horse Mickey that I can leave them in the arena and she can walk and trot him all on her own.  She was perfect when showing her Mimi and Papa Friday.  It is a huge accomplishment for her and one that goes a long way to building confidence in other areas of her life.

The barn girls are great with her.  They all give her special attention and put up with her constant questions.  Isabel and her horse Prosecco offered to let Jo ride bareback double with them and they wandered all over the back pasture with huge smiles.

Jo happily accompanying Isabel on a ride.

Jo happily accompanying Isabel on a ride.

Teenagers and seven-year olds don’t always make fast friends but Isabel has been so kind and caring.  It makes Jordyn want to try new things to be more like her friends.

I understand her other friend Mia has a surprise in store for Jordyn with a saddle pad she has sewn herself.  Jordyn will be thrilled.

Lauren and I need some therapy so went and got our hair cut.  Lauren’s looks beautiful after some color and a good cut.  Almost like when she was a baby with her long blonde hair.

Sometimes a girl just has to know her hair is perfect

Sometimes a girl just has to know her hair is perfect.

Lauren started occupational therapy mid-week.  It did not go well.  The therapist reportedly told her it was unlikely she would ever use her hand again.  And in demonstration of that had her talk to a women whose hand was hurt in 2011 and still has not had it returned to full use.  Wednesday was a dark night.  Lauren was overwhelmed with grief, loss (of her nanny and her hand) and the loss of her usual life, riding, caring for horses and going to school.  Fortunately her therapist on Friday was way more upbeat, praising her for what she accomplishing and not dwelling on the future.

Some of our favorite friends, Caitlyn and her mom have been over for dinner and now Cate has been back to ride Feather for us a few times.  I am happy Lauren and Caitlyn are re-igniting their friendship and hope maybe Lauren can travel some with Cate during this quiet period in her life.

Another friend has been on the search for a top barrel horse and after a few stops and starts, I think she has found a winner today.  Well started with cutting training, quiet but with quite a motor when it is switched on, and breed well enough to turn into an outstanding brood mare any day, I think this “Dashin for Love” horse could be the one she has waited for.

I am happy to be holding someone else's new mare!

I am happy to be holding someone else’s new mare!

I did not get the draft cross mare from the rescue back East.  Lauren has been campaigning against her saying we have too much on our hands, but I regret not getting her.  I just pray she goes to a happy safe home.  It is the best I can do.

I also had a question from the former owners of our Burmese cats, how were they doing and had they settled in to be part of the family.  These two cats have cheerfully and totally kept Lauren company, cuddling alongside her through these many, many sleepless nights as she has suffered in pain through the wee hours of the morning.  We are so grateful for them coming to us at this time and loving us so fully.

Burmese brother and sister cats.

Burmese brother and sister cats.


Final note, Bruno is starting to get around better on his abscessed foot.  He made it from the barn all the way across to arena.  Young Jordyn sat tall on his bare back as he gleefully watched his horse friends work in the lesson this morning.  I am encouraged he is better and proud Jo is brave enough now to sit on the gentle giant.


Thank you as always for riding along and sharing our life. We are grateful for your love and support.

4 thoughts on “Life goes on

  1. Hang in there Lauren. The therapists was just preparing you for the worst case scenario. You WILL get better. You WILL use your hand again. Just keep

  2. Sending very positive thoughts to both you and Lauren. You are both very strong women and I’m sure you’ll get through all of this. Tell Lauren not to believe the negative comments and to press on with her therapy and we’ll all be wishing for improvement in the use of her hand. Take care both of you!

  3. Since you are two of the strongiest women I know, you will survive this little bump in the road. Lauren, keep at the therapy. I am a believer in the power of positive thinking. Believe in yourself, you know what you are capable of! Go for it! Cindy, the death certificate should arrive way sooner than I got the one for my father. Won’t sign it, now that is ridiculous. Who is he protecting? She did die after all. OOOOh, ladies smile, it’s September 2 and fall is coming!

  4. Previous replays are right. You will use your hand again, but only if YOU believe you will. There will prolly be pain and set backs, with lots of hard work….but that’s never scared you. Prove them all wrong! Thinking of you and praying for better days for all of you. Love you all.

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