Summer’s Close

Jordyn headed off today, with much trepidation, to her new second grade class in the public school system.  She has attended a private school for two years and this may be quite a change.  Originally, she attended private school as her birthday on September 4th falls just after the deadline in Texas.  Her parents felt she was mature enough and physically ready for school two years ago, but she had to attend a private school to get around the birthdate issue.

Now, with a quivering lip, trying not to cry she headed into the classroom.  I hope she comes home with stories of her new friends and the wonders of her new school.

Riley started kindergarten in Denver and except for missing times with his momma, is really enjoying it.

It has been quite a summer here at the farm.  A year ago, I certainly had no inkling as to what would become of us by summer’s end.  We have the new place, new boarders and riders who come for lessons.  The farm resounds with laughter and horse sounds.  We have many new friends.  I even got a note in my mailbox from my dressage neighbor asking if some of her group could take lessons here.  I love meeting new people and especially meeting their horses.

This summer brought my mother’s passing.  I moved her to Texas two years ago this weekend.  It is well documented in this blog how hard the move was for all of us, yet, how right it was to bring her and I can only say how grateful I am to have had the time with her.

Lauren’s many horse related injuries were totally overshadowed by the horrific break of her arm over four weeks ago.  Today, in a surprise move, the orthopedic surgeon removed her cast, said her x-rays were GREAT and all the incisions looked top-notch.  He said although he had planned to cast it additional times, it was good enough to go it alone.  Lauren is mortified.  The cast was like her armour against pain and it is so scary to have something so painful exposed to the world.  But her movement of her fingers (or lack thereof) continues to be problematic so for her to get moving on occupational therapy, the cast had to go.  The nerves were sliced by the ulna bone as it ripped through her skin during the fall.  Her little finger still works not at all.

Alex flying Mickey around the ring.

Alex flying Mickey around the ring.

One of our favorite riders, Alex, who was just a little bitty thing when we first met her years ago, stepped up to show Mickey for us last weekend.  Mickey is quite a change from Alex’s usual ride, so it took a couple rounds to really get his flow, but then they picked up the blue ribbon for the fastest round in Junior-Adult Jumpers.  Mickey is 15 now (we adopted him at five) and he never missed a step when he galloped through the courses.  Alex was outstanding with him.  It brought big smiles to Lauren and I to see her favorite boy do so well after having been off so long.  I hope Alex wants to show him some more!

A big, bay draft cross mare, sprinkled with splashes of white was pulled from the kill pen before she could be sent to slaughter in Canada.  I am trying to adopt her and send her here to a forever home with us.  I think she would be great for Ally and I as she is quiet and dependable.  I am waiting to hear if my application for adoption has been approved.  I realize I have more than enough on my hands but something about this mare just called out to me.  We will see what happens, if she is meant to be a part of our family she will be.  If not, I know she is off the slaughter truck for good with another family.

I have not written about it but Bruno has been laid up, lame, since mid-July.  It has been almost six-weeks since he has walked without pain.  I have my best team of vet Lynn and farrier Sean working innovative approaches to get the big man back to sound.  Currently, he has a huge abscess draining from his good front foot, (I have video again for you all that love pus in action). I hope that with the healing of abscess we get him back to right again.  It breaks my heart to see him stall bound in the hot barn, not moving a step, day after day.  I will not let him continue if we do not find an answer to his pain.

Libby getting TeeDee started.

Libby getting TeeDee started.

The Canter adopted OTTB mare, TeeDee, continues to gain weight, muscle and become a star horse.  She will not be bred this year, so we are working to see what kind of horse she can become in the interim.  Libby has been helping me work TeeDee, Feather and Mickey. I am very grateful.  She has TeeDee cantering quietly and collected.  We even started her over some Xes this week and she took it quietly in stride.

TeeDee taking her first jump,

TeeDee taking her first jump,

I feel battered from the rough summer, emotionally and physically.  But this weekend was finally a quiet one. I caught up on some rest, did a lot of chores, managed to go through many of my mother’s things and feel at ease about farm for the first time in many weeks. This morning as I went out to feed in the pre-dawn light, there was a hint of coolness in the air.  A sea change coming bringing new times and life at Six Meadow Farm.

Thanks for riding along and thank you to all of you who have sent cards, flowers and meals to us. You are much appreciated!!

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