Fun turns to Fractures

IMG_0537Continuing onto our weekend, the girls decided to up the fun factor at the farm.  Our pasture heads down into the woods and ends in a lovely park like area.  As we have walked the dogs each evening we have talked about how fun it would be to add some simple little log jumps.  We have looked enviously at the fallen logs in the pasture next to us.

Yesterday afternoon, Lauren and her friends decided to create their own little cross country course in the park.  To the extent possible with the talents of three young girls, old granny and six miscellaneous pooches we dragged logs, bushes and other objects to make a series of small jumps.

The girls went and got Snow, Mickey and Feather and started jumping the course, adding a jump at a time.  One of us, got the brilliant idea to see if we could tandem jump the widest log.  It might have been me with that idea, but either way I went along with it, snapping away furiously on my camera to create the most awesome photo.

Its all fun and games until someone has to wear a cast on their arm.

Its all fun and games until someone has to wear a cast on their arm.

I think everyone was about ready to go in then.  But everyone wanted to try one last jump.  All the horses had been jumping easily and well.  Mickey, perhaps, was a little hyped up.  He had been serving as Jordyn’s walk trot pony and was pretty excited to be back jumping, turning and racing along. But both Snow and Feather were doing their usual style of jumping.  That meant Snow was jumping just enough to safely clear the obstacle while Feather was being an over-achiever, soaring to new heights over one foot high logs.

Lauren’s last jump was like all the others except perhaps Feather flew a little higher and landed a little harder.  Jumping a log my Yorkie could have scrambled over, in a fashion meant for Olympics jump off rounds, Feather went high and then smashed to the ground causing Lauren to smack down hard on the mare’s back.  Somewhere in her past, I feel a lion jumped on Feather’s back, bringing back that instinctual but usually well buried, fight or flight  response.  A while back when Jordyn landed hard on Feather’s back she bolted forward much like last night.  When she bolted forward, Lauren was already spiraling to the ground like perfect football toss.

Immediately, Laure wailed in pain.  “Call 911, my arm is broken!” She cried.  Okay, honestly, Lauren has a lot of falls, we all do.  Most are much better moments later.  Not this time.  Then I spotted the weird alignment of Lauren’s forearm.  I knew it was broken and was dislocated.

Things happened quickly here, Keith brought the truck down and we got the cussing, screaming Lauren up in the seat.  I almost forgot I had my granddaughter, Jo, with me until I was reminded coming out of the drive (I know, bad granny!).

Having moved we were at a Houston area ER and they did an adequate job of getting X-rays and managing pain meds.  When surgery became the obvious next step, I tried to get any of the orthopedic guys we had used in the past (and that is a pretty long list).  None of them were either in town or taking this case.

The ER doc let me know  me who was on-call for their hospital. I had known that doctor for a long time, had credentialed him as part of my job at the time and did not think he would serve as a good surgeon in this complicated case.  The ER doc made many calls and finally Methodist hospital agreed to take Lauren and her badly broken arm.  She was transferred by ambulance near midnight.

This morning Lauren went into surgery to correct a fracture and dislocation of both the ulna and the radius bones in her forearm.  The fractures were open and protruding from her skin.  Lauren has been in much pain and had moments of sleep over the last 36 hours.  The doctor says no riding for three months.

I appreciate greatly all your prayers, offers of help, messages to my family and just your love and support.  Please continue to keep us in your prayers as the next few days hopefully brings some pain relief and no infections to battle.


1 thought on “Fun turns to Fractures

  1. Cindy, I am so sorry to hear of Laurens fall and lower arm fracture. We both know how important it is and how lucky we and our families are to have advanced knowledge of the Dr.’s and Surgeons we want to treat our families. Give Lauren a hug for me and I will keep you all in my prayers.

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