A little Fun

Dev's OKC Show Team walking the Grand Prix course.

Dev’s OKC Show Team walking the Grand Prix course.

Lauren fully enjoyed her trip to OKC. The Devereaux Sport Horse Team had lots of fun although everyone had ups and downs throughout the show, and not just because they were jumping! There were okay rounds, a little scary rounds, Libby’s Champion and Amanda’s Reserve Champ Rounds. Lauren and Feather continued to grow. Placed second in two classes (one with close to 40 riders) and figured out some tricks to use in future shows.

Back at home, Ally took over the barn chores. She did a great job! I have less sleep in the last two weeks than when my new babies came home from the hospital between busy season at work, visiting with mom and keeping up Lauren’s end of the barn chores while she was gone. I have had lots of visitors. Everyone has been ridden. The boarders have been great helping me out and we have had a lot of laughter coming out of our little barn.

Mia's friend  Hailey visited Bruno.

Mia’s friend
Hailey visited Bruno.

Smiles were pretty contagious! Ally and Luke took off on a cruise Saturday morning. The grand girls spent some time with Luke’s folks and I. Lauren and the horses got back from Oklahoma late Sunday. She was not seeing the charm of her young nieces. When I got home we went out to play. I let them have at it in the fresh rain puddles and they wallowed around in the mud like a couple of young rhinos.


Jordyn told me it was the best time she ever had at the farm. All Kendyll wants to do is come back to granny’s to play in the mud. Oh, what has granny done now? A shower, some soap, it was good again!

The next night found Lauren taking her first ride on young OTTB Try Delta (TeeDee). Getting her bred this summer was not a possibility so it was time to go to work. She has been her about a month and look at how some good groceries and green grass have erased her ribs from showing!

OTTB TryDelta about four weeks ago.

OTTB TryDelta about four weeks ago.

Starting to fill out.

Starting to fill out.

Co-owner Lynn was on hand to see the first ride. Lauren has ridden (and owned) many horses off the track but never has she been the first to ride them when they have arrived home. While Lynn’s young son Rhys was getting a lesson on Snow, Lauren quietly slide up on TeeDee and no doubt said a little prayer that she would stay in the saddle. TeeDee was great! Quiet, accommodating and seemingly well started. Both Lynn and I were pleased.

Pretty mare, measuring in just under 16 hands.

Pretty mare, measuring in just under 16 hands.

It has been a whirlwind of adventures. The group is settling in and it is nice to see the girls out of the arena, riding bareback, taking little pasture trail rides, setting up a small cross country course and just having fun. It is summer and that is exactly what they should be doing!

Momma is brighter, more responsive and able to tolerate being up from her bed. Definitely the pain has lessened. Thank you for the prayers.


3 thoughts on “A little Fun

  1. Your darling grandgirls gave me the smile I needed tonight. The pictures of them covered in mud are priceless. I too am dealing, not always very well, with a mother suffering from dementia. Today was a tough one and your grandgirls were a much needed stress reliever. So glad to hear that your mom is feeling better and that you are enjoying your new home and barn full of horses and their riders. Take care!

    • I LOVE when my life can brighten someone’s day, the dementia is so tough. Last week momma had moments of clearness. She told me she loved me and appreciated all I had done all these years. May be the last time I hear anything so lucid from her. Each day you never know the personality Mr. D has put in your loved one. I hate it. I love her. I bless you for the care you give. Always something silly going on here so I will be sure to save.

  2. Seeing your girls in the mud, seeing the WONDERFUL improvement in TeeDee (I am an OTTB fan my own self ;o) and reading about your mother’s “moments of clearness” brightened my very early Saturday morning. Thank you for letting us ride along!

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