Momma goes to the doc

Momma looking so much brighter today.

Momma looking so much brighter today.

We were planning to celebrate my mom’s 90th birthday today.  It wasn’t going to be a big deal as she would be confused and frankly she just hasn’t been doing all that well.  She has not been eating a lot, but has been more deeply confused.  She has not known me nor anyone else.

After her fall Friday night, we had been waiting to get her in with her orthopedic doctor.  The office called Tuesday afternoon with a spot for her. The birthday plans were scrapped.  We knew by the time we got back from the doctor she would be too tired for parties, even her own.

Lauren drove to get her and they met me at the office. Lauren had some riders coming to the house so I took over.  Immediately, I could tell momma was much brighter and sharper.  She looked beautiful in my pink shirt with arm cut off!  She was sent first to the cast room where I explained about her lack of cast and her recent fall. Her hand and fingers were still bruised and swollen so they were x-rayed along with her elbow.

Her normally tiny fingers, black and blue.

Her normally tiny fingers, black and blue.

Thankfully, there were no new fractures.  The doctor said the elbow was healing.  He made the decision to put her in a complicated arm brace but it will be easier on her than the cast.

On the drive back to Wharton, she attempted to get herself oriented.  She asked about Jim, which she has not done in a long time.  She asked where she was- Texas, I told her, but where is this, she asked pointing to the corn fields and green pastures. This is Wharton, momma, a little town we live in.

Tomorrow we will celebrate 90 years of a life well lived and time well spent in His service.  Ninety years!  Isn’t that something.  I was so glad to have my momma back if only for the day .

Thank you for riding along!  Thanks to all of you who sent momma birthday cards.  They are decorating her room!

2 thoughts on “Momma goes to the doc

  1. I am remiss in not having a birthday card to send your lovely mother, but I will find a pink “belated birthrday” card and send it off right away. I do believe I still have your address. So happy to hear your mother is doing well. And your new home sounds marvelous. Loved all the pictures.

    • just find a regular birthday card, she will only know it is pink and for her! It would be very kind. I am very happy with how well she is doing, too. And I am loving the new place, filled with trees, green grass and friends. I bought the cutest filly ever whom I will be writing about soon. She is in colorado so not coming until weaned. I think she is darling-

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