Pin Oak Angst

As we discussed last year, and a few times in between Pin Oak is the top horse show in all of Texas.  It is a charity run to benefit Texas  Children’s Hospital.

Last year, neither Feather nor Bruno were ready for the show.  This last 12 months, Feather has only increased her abilities.  She was on the fast track to finally show and hopefully place at the big event.

In mid-January, Lauren went off of Feather, pretty much just bailed before a tall, skinny jump which intimidated her with its size.  She hit the ground hard.

She saw the family practice doc the next day, took her prescribed meds and didn’t get better.  Then she was off to the orthopedic surgeon.  She had MRIs.  The doc said her MRI was inconclusive.  No riding!  But she was ordered to go to physical therapy.

PT lasted one day.  Lauren hurt so much after the first session, she was referred back to the ortho guy. Then the ortho guy had to leave the country.  Lauren’s pain was totally debilitating.  We then got a referral to a spine specialist today.

We have been spending seemingly every waking moment preparing for the move.  Construction plans, arena configuration, packing boxes, giving a million things to the Episcopal thrift shop all have been done.  All continues to roll on our house move issues.  Today was spent tracking down the flood elevation certificate. Another $400 to get this piece paper.   Then the new buyer of my house showed up to be sure the septic tank was working right ( it was- thank God!).  This action required totally cleaning the house.

Lauren headed up towards Houston to see the spine guy.  I wish I had been with her.  But she did just fine.  While our general orthopedic surgeon thought her back MRI was inconclusive, this new doctor (specializing in spines) told her a muscle in her back was torn badly, although not all the way through.  And he agreed with the other doctor, in saying Lauren she had a ruptured disk.  He insisted that she attend non- strengthening sessions at physical therapy for the next month.

He told her she could ride on the flat. No jumping.  He warned her a move in the wrong direction would completely tear the muscle and she would be facing surgery.

So while Lauren is really yearning for Pin Oak this year she is not well enough to ride.  While I can tell her there will be other year’s it is still hard to be on the sidelines when your friends are entering the ring.

Yesterday, Dev readily agreed to work Feather.  Although off for over two months, Feather was ready to jump.  Pictures tell the story.  She was amazing.

Please keep

Dev taking Feather for a fly!

Dev taking Feather for a fly!

Please keep us in your prayers and hope that Lauren has a speedy recovery!  Thank you.



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