Lauren doing a selfie with her buddy Bruno.

Lauren doing a selfie with her buddy Bruno.

I am out-of-town again.  Another three days in Bartlesville, Oklahoma is being spent teaching classes.  It is hard to be away when so much is happening at home.  My real estate transaction on my new house is beset with daily amendments to the contract and arguments over property lines, driveways and fences.  The sale of my house, ironically, the old house, is going perfectly.  Soon, I will close on Six Meadow Farm but have no level of confidence, just prayers and hopes, that I have somewhere new to live and stable my ponies.

Lauren turned 21 with a family dinner to celebrate, and a second dinner with friends.  I am sure alcohol was involved but she got home safely and I was grateful. The next night, I was already in Oklahoma but Lauren headed up to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo for some Jason Aldean.  Pretty good birthday I think!

I have had good training classes here where my audience has laughed at my jokes, been interested in the subject matter and seemed to grasp what they were supposed to learn.  Another couple of classes tomorrow and I will be homeward bound.  I tend to review my photos when I am on the road, missing my animals and family ( not necessarily in that order but maybe) and I came upon this video of Bruno blazing down the fence line in a match race with poodle Kona.  Lauren is at home alone entertaining herself with selfies with Bruno while I sit in a hotel room watching the beast on video.  We are pathetic.

Watch the video but turn down the sound -lots of wind in this one.

Who do you call as the winner of this race?


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