Hula Cat

Headed home.

Headed home.

In the category of something you probably knew was true but never thought about much, is breeds of cat.  How many different breeds do you know? Probably three or four, the ones which are not registered but represent most of the cats in America, are the long-haired and short-haired domestic cat.  But you may know the Siamese, the Persian and maybe another.

I did not have cats growing up.  I was dreadfully allergic but not any more.  I got my first cat as a gift after my horse unexpectedly colicked and died.  Never did that make up for losing my horse but my cat become a good companion to me.  In college then, this cat rode with me in the car everywhere I went.  It was the beginning of a love and appreciation of the breed.  I have had a cat since then always, except for when we first moved to Texas.  We got a rescue Doberman, Abbie, who promptly killed my two registered cats, one a Burmese and one a Balinese.

We moved to this little ranch without a cat, but one hooked up with us giving us a litter of kittens our first spring.  Since then the cats have lived and died here.  I am finally to a point where all the cats but one elusive female are neutered.  We have the former little cat that we rescued a few months ago who now lives inside the house.  Levi is now a big boy.  He gets along with the dogs.  But I do not want Levi to be outside and decide to wander into the backyard to see his friendly dogs.  I am pretty convinced the dogs would go into a lynch mob persona, attack and kill Levi cat.


So, anyway, back to the cat breeds.  Lauren and I ended up at a cat show in San Antonio this weekend (bet that was on the must visit for a lot of you).  We needed to return her cowboy boots at a store near there.  Why not just stop at the cat show?  It would be good for Levi to have a young brother to share his inside home.  Most people think of cats as one type.  You wouldn’t think all dogs are the same.  A Doberman has different traits than a Lab.  A Lab is different from a Yorkie.  But a cat is a cat.  No.  They are not.  I have owned Burmese cats before. They are noted to be the breed of cat most like dogs.  My Burmese cats played fetch, retrieved things, would sit on command and stay when asked.

Two beautiful Burmese cats at the show.

Two beautiful Burmese cats at the show.

Burmese cats from the island of Burma, are similar in size and sleek body style to their cousins the Siamese.  The Burmese is the only brown cat in existence.  They are a rich chocolate brown with lovely golden eyes.  They love children, other pets, affection and being part of a busy household.  This is probably more about cats than you ever wanted to know.

Bottom line, just like last February when I decided to get the standard poodle I had always wanted, this year, it was a Burmese cat I desired.  I found a breeder with an older male whom they planned to use as a show cat, but like Kona, he just wasn’t quite perfect enough for that.  He needed a home and he was certainly perfect enough for me!

Levi is loving his new brother.  I am already loving this little man.  On the scary ride home, Hula didn’t know me at all.  I took him out of his carrier and he cheerfully, confidently, laid against my chest, purring contentedly.  Most cats would have scratched, run to hide  and demanded loudly to get out of the car.

Welcome home Hula kitty.  I am so happy to have you!


Car ride home.

Car ride home.

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