Don’t Blink

Bruno, his stitches covered with his fly mask, interested in what I am bringing to his pasture.

Bruno, his stitches covered with his fly mask, gleaming in good health, is interested in what I am bringing to his pasture.

There was one glorious moment on Sunday, when I was standing in the pasture, the blue sky running on forever, the horses contentedly eating the green grass, Bruno helping with the chores, Kona and Lula by my side, the rest of dogs safe in the backyard, all my kids and grandkids healthy and happy and mom relatively sane that I thought my life is amazing!  And it is.

When I blinked again, I saw that Mickey was still walking with a serious limp, rain was on the horizon, the Texans were losing yet another game (at least they looked better doing it) and I had a ton of work to do.

But the moment in the pasture was a good realization for me.  I tend to get worked up and overwhelmed with the things I need to fix instead of acknowledging the things that are right and good in the world.  I was on my own Sunday.  Friday night spent in the hauling of Pixie to Pine Hill and the associated nerves that accompany the selling of any horse.

Saturday dawned with lots of horse chores to catch up on after several days of rain and Jordyn and Kendyll coming to visit for the day.  Immediately after we picked them up, we headed to my mom’s.  She recognized the kids (although I do not think she has ever understood Kendyll’s name).  We closed the door to her room and just let Kendyll roam as a toddler does, picking up everything from shoe horns to empty “Boost” bottles as she created a path of destruction across her great grandma’s room.  Lauren turned on the popular “what does the fox say” song. We all got up and danced along.  Even momma!  I tried to get Lauren to video this moment of quality family entertainment but she failed to capture the essence of four generations of dancing fools.  Momma had a great time.

My mother and her great granddaughter, Kendyll, having a serious conversation.

My mother and her great-granddaughter, Kendyll, having a serious conversation.

Later, Lauren went off with Blake for opening day of deer season and I was left with the kids.  A friend came by and I think he was shocked by the general disarray of my house.  Kendyll had taken out most of my books and spread them about.  I asked which dogs he wanted to see (he takes care of them when we travel) and he said all of them.  Then we had seven excited dogs, two children and a hundred books in the living room.  What a mess!

The rescued kitten, Levi-formerly Esther, is much improved and certainly going to be around for the long run.  He is absolutely enamoured with the Yorkie, PuppyGirl and they play constantly.  It is a flying ball of grey kitten and long-haired Yorkie, rolling, flying, biting and scratching from one end of the house to the other!

Can you tell where dog ends and kitten begins?

Can you tell where dog ends and kitten begins?

I think Sunday’s calm, beautiful demeanour was soothing to me after the hectic days I have had.  I am hanging on to the image of Bruno and the blue sky stretching out with endless promise.

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