Shot to the head-a Bruno Story

A phone call from Lauren is often a bad thing. We have recently had more than our share of vet expenses and I am not including any of the money we spent on OTTB Bruno at Texas A&M. Lauren was babysitting Kendyll and wandered out to barn to let her see the horses. Instead she saw blood, and then more blood. She found Bruno with blood streaming down his face.

Upon conversation with one another, we decided with the amount of blood, exposed bone and Bruno recent reluctance to load in the trailer, we would call the vet out to our place. I started my race home.
20131028-184313.jpgthe shatterproof glass casing-I think Bruno hit it from the bottom with great force. 


Best we can figure, because Mickey is not testifying based upon advice from his lawyer, Snow B. Go, esq., is that while the boys were confined to their adjoining paddocks (due existing injuries) they started playing a horse sized game of Red Rover. I believe Mickey tried to crossover the fence line to Bruno’s side when Bru reared to stop him. The ceiling is only about 14 feet high. I specifically ordered shatterproof globes for my barn lights. Well, the fixture was in fact shatterproof, but Bruno must have hit the light fixture straight on like a giant jack hammer. The bulb inside the globe shattered as did Bruno’s face.

By the time Lauren got outside (it had been about two hours since she had been out to check on them) it looked like the worst of a gory movie site. She was notably distressed as we discussed alternatives. I called the vet. He said he was on his way. When the vet arrived, he had not seen Bruno yet. When he did, he remarked, “Holy crap!! That is bad!”

By the time I got home, Dr. Poehler was finishing his well designed twelve stitches in a upside down rainbow shape between Bruno’s eyes. He was cleaned up as well as was possible. Dr. Poehler was not convinced that Bruno’s bone was not broken but there was not much that could be done about it.

Bet ol’Bruno is nursing one hell of a headache! I wonder how long this will set us back? Thank you for the outpouring of well wishes from so many of you. As always thanks for riding along!


what’s left of the light fixture (the glass cover is perfectly fine)

2 thoughts on “Shot to the head-a Bruno Story

  1. POOR BRUNO!!! (Oh, sorry. Didn’t mean to shout. Loud noises are heck when you have a headache ;o) Seriously, poor Bruno. Nothing bleeds like a head wound just because there are so many capillaries there. Second, let us hope there is nothing broken. Third, Dr. Poehler did a LOVELY job on Bruno’s wound, and the scar will be something he (Bruno) can brag about for years. ;o)

  2. OMG, how scary that must have been. Sure hope he heals well and quickly with no complications. Seems as though horses are ‘accidents waiting to happen’. 😦 Hang in there and give the Big Boy a healing hug.

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