Above is a drawing rendition of Kona that I commissioned from a talented artist in Georgia. Like many breeds, poodles come in the color blue. It is deep navy, blue-ish almost black color. Dobermans and Aussies may have blue coats. To the untrained eye, Kona looks black, although after a summer in the sun, he has brassy, bleached tips on his hair, kind of like a Hawaiian surfer.

I realize getting a picture done of my dog is a little self-indulgent. But I saw (and bought) a picture that Amber the artist did of a poodle and I knew I wanted one of Kona done. It is so awesome! I could not be more thrilled. It is not finished yet but know it will so wonderful.

I bought Kona on my birthday. He has been so great as a companion to me, walking each night, staying by my side as I take the horses from pasture to pasture. We have perfected the trail ride with horse and dog. Another great thing is that if Lauren wants him to or not, he will climb up and through the dog gate to join her at the barn. Although, some may dismiss him as just a poodle, he is big enough to provide protection to her as she is alone on the property.

My friend Kathy makes fun of all the pictures I take (always looking for the next blog subject). Somehow no matter what my plans are, Kona manages to get in the picture. You can go back through my FB or blog pictures and find Kona in many of them. It is kind of like the old “Where’s Waldo?” game.

I love all my pets, horses equally, but clearly Kona is a special guy. It would be hard to imagine my world without him. If you ask Lauren who her favorite dog is, despite her deep love of Yorkie, PuppyGirl and her corgi, Sneaky, her answer is the poodle.

Lauren on Pixie with Kona right by her side

I take him along to most horse shows. He stands in the viewing area with his eyes darting around focused on the horses, clearly watching, moving and turning his head so he can catch each turn. I have six other dogs but a lot is perfect for me with Kona.

I can’t wait to get my drawing! Next, will be a drawing of Feather. That should be amazing too! Amber the artist specializes in dogs and horses. What a great holiday gift. Contact her via Facebook if you are interested.

Kona caring for Kendyll

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