A Creative Response to the Liebster Award (written by a Shetland Pony)

I was nominated in June for a Liebster Award for new blogs. In turn, I had to nominate other blogs. Markthisday blog was one I nominated. I LOVE the response to all the Liebster questions and know you all will enjoy it as well! This is written by a 10 hand Shetland Pony (in the creative mind of award nominee anyway). I recommend her blog as one you will enjoy.

Hay, About That Award (a Guest Post)

This biped. What’s to be done with her?! She starts a blog about us (me, the biped’s Shetland pony, and my stablemate, her Arabian horse), but then fails to act when the blog is nominated for an award.

Shetland pony

That’s me, the biped’s pony, author of this guest post.

What the hay?!

Back in early July, exechorseluver nominated this blog for a Liebster Award. Of course, being the subjects of the blog, my stablemate and I were truly honored. We waited with eager anticipation for our biped to complete the steps necessary to fully earn the award. They seemed easy enough to us. (You can view the award details and steps at https://exechorseluver.com/2013/07/03/liebster-award/ .)

Apparently, though, the steps were too tough for our biped. She has done NOTHING to earn the award. So I’m taking this opportunity to respond on her behalf, as best I can. (I mean, really, the computer keys are too small, even for my petite hooves, and — geez! — it’s hard to read a screen when your eyes are on the side of your head.)

First, 11 facts about myself:

  1. I’m incredibly cute, despite my short legs.
  2. My mane and tail are blond (and yes, we do have more fun).
  3. My coat is gloriously gold, of varying hues, including red in the winter.
  4. I’m worth at least $300, because I can roll completely over on my back, from one side to the other, three times in succession (sometimes more).
  5. I weigh a svelte 350 pounds (or so the weight tape says).
  6. I stand 10 hands high (but my stature is without measure).
  7. I really, really, really like grass.
  8. Grass makes my hooves hurt really, really bad.
  9. I’m very brave.
  10. I’m quite curious (where the nervous fear to tread, go I!)
  11. I’m old enough to know better.

Okay, the next step is to answer the 11 questions posed by exechorseluver. Here goes:

  1. What caused you to start blogging? This is my first blog post — I was compelled to write because my biped didn’t respond to your very kind nomination.
  2. What was the hardest thing you have ever walked away from? Oh man, that’s easy. The grass in the pasture, of course.
  3. What do you wish would change in your every day life? Well, of course, I’d prefer a REAL pasture instead a dry lot in the summer.
  4. If you review your blogs, what are you most passionate about? Like I say, this is my first post, so I’ll speak for my biped here — it seems she is most passionate about her equines (very natural, of course).
  5. If you had to start a new blog on a total different subject, or a specific subject what would it be? Boy, I could write a book about bipeds.
  6. What was the best moment of your life? When I was rescued from a violent and nasty biped.
  7. Where would you live if money and family were not an issue? Well, I’ve heard that the Shetland Islands are nice.
  8. If you could be a superior athlete, what would be your sport? Honey, I AM a superior athlete.
  9. What is one trait you wish you had more of that you don’t? Height. I’d like to be a horse. Then I could see over my stall door.
  10. What is one somewhat unique ability you have that most people don’t? Bipeds don’t eat grass, you know.
  11. If you had only five books to read (and re-read) for the rest of your life what would two of them be? “King of the Wind,” by Marguerite Henry (the Arabian insists this be in our library) and “Champion’s Story,” by Bob Champion and Jonathan Powell (I just love reading about Aldaniti, that gorgeous long-legged steeplechaser who won the Grand National).

Unfortunately, I can’t finish the award steps, because my biped won’t give me enough time on the computer to read other blogs, and if I don’t do that, I can’t find 11 blogs to nominate or come up with questions to ask them. So I won’t put the Liebster Award logo on this blog, because we didn’t complete the process. (I don’t know what a tag-back is, so I hope I don’t do that by mistake.)

I DO want to say, on behalf of myself, my stablemate and our biped, that we really do appreciate being nominated. Thanks, exechorseluver!

1 thought on “A Creative Response to the Liebster Award (written by a Shetland Pony)

  1. What a clever, clever “pony” ;o) I too love the book Champions. I have the DVD and I just love the story. It’s a true story and the filming of the Grand National at the end is just phenomenal. Thanks for sharing this, Cindy.

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