The change my life diet

july2613I don’t know what really made me stick with it this time. I have undertaken a million diets over the years, but this time, maybe because Ally was involved in an actual diet program or maybe because my cousin was blogging about his diet success, I decided I would really do it!

I was athletic and fit most of my life. Pretty much until I moved to Texas and had some hard times. Food seemed a good consolation prize. At one point I was 35 pounds heavier than I am now and I am not lean now.

I got that 35 pounds off but struggled to get the next 20 off. I know what to do, I exercise, but I just eat too much of the wrong thing too often. To me (like a lot of things) it is simple math. There are 3500 calories in a ONE pound. So to lose weight you have to cut that many calories out of your diet for every pound you want to lose-it takes time. Exercise helps but it is about eating less-at least for me.

My daughter Ally Taylor (I have her contact information at the bottom if you want to learn more) is an Advocare distributor. She talked my other daughters (Amber and Lauren) and myself into doing the diet (actually, they do not call it a diet but a change of lifestyle) all together. I set some monetary rewards for October if we have met our goals.

I know, I know, another diet. But for me, this one made sense. It is about eating lean protein, fresh vegetables, fruits and staying away from any compound foods. They have their supplements and shakes but for me it mostly about changing what I ate. I have not been hungry on this plan once. And it is not crazy expensive like so many. It was a couple hundred dollars, but that was also an incentive to take it seriously! Make an investment in myself, I thought.

It is an initial 24-day challenge. Today is my 24th day. I have not lost a lot weight-only five pounds, but it is five pounds that I could not budge for years so I think it is a good start. I am continuing with the plan and know it will continue to move the scale down. Additionally, I lost over TEN inches in these 24 days. Last week I posted pictures of me holding the horses and my mid-section is smaller-no question! That weight around the waist is hard to lose. I lost almost two inches from my waist. Makes my five pounds look better, huh?

The girls, Amber and Ally had similar 24-day results. They lost 5-7 pounds and lots of inches. We all have had children and I swear fat sticks to us more than our non-baby bearing kin. Lauren, fit already,  made much better food choices, stopping her serious ice cream habit and replacing it with healthy items. She lost just short of TEN pounds and almost 14 inches. Of course she did (pretty annoying, right?)!

The biggest thing for me? Since I was 13 years-old, I have drunk Diet Coke or its equivalent (then it was TAB and Diet Rite) in mass quantities every day. I called it my biggest vice. At a party I showed up with a six-pack of Diet Coke. I drank over ten cans a day-every day that’s a lot of Diet Coke over the years. I have now had maybe ten diet sodas in total in the last 24 days!!! I am drinking water. Believe me if I can do this with my habit, anyone can.

So, Advocare has given me the structure to finally re-organize my life. As my friend Sandra said yesterday, each day we are only older. If I don’t commit to making these changes now-when will it be time?

My cousin has lost the big 20 pounds already so I have some work to do to catch him. I ordered some new walking shoes today. I am going to make this change in my life! I will keep you updated.

Ally Taylor Distributor # 130627191

Ally Taylor
Distributor # 130627191

2 thoughts on “The change my life diet

  1. I am reading this over a dinner of grilled fish and steamed veggies. Congrats on the 5 pounds and the inches. Sounds like you are well on your way.

  2. Dieting is hard–I have never had to diet before but now that I have reached “that interesting age,” I’m finding pounds are not just melting off because I take a week off from eating desserts. Good on your five pounds down!! Lose it slowly and it stays off (my new mantra!)

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